January 31st
What's In Today's Email?

1) Last Day to Cancel the Recital - FRIDAY

2) How to Dress for the Recital

3) Last Chance for 10 min with Pianist - this SAT

4) Please sign up for FOOD for recital

5) Recital: Check name & title

5) President's Weekend Lessons

6) Reminder about Rescheduling Lessons

7) New Singer's Pop Songbooks in Store

Can't Attend the February Recital?
If you need to cancel the February Recital, you need to do so by Friday, February 1st or you will be charged a $10 late cancel fee.
Dress for the Recital

Gals: Dress or skirt; or wear a Glee t-shirt
Guys: Button up shirt and tie with dress shoes; or wear a Glee t-shirt

Just let us know if you want to buy a Glee t-shirt. They are $19.
Stop by the store or give us a call.
Last Chance for Singers to
Practice with Pianist
Saturday, FEBRUARY 2nd

Sign up for a 10 minute rehearsal with the pianist for the recital. (only $15) .

As of the writing of this email,
the following is open:

9:00, 9:10, 10:00 and 10:10

Sign up with the link below or email us.

All singers will want to sign up for FREE 3 minutes with the pianist for the 9am and 11am recitals. You can sign up for the time the same way as for this Saturday for ten minutes.

If you are using a track, make sure your voice teacher send us the track.
Please Sign up
for Recital Treats
Click here to sign up to bring treats to the recital.

We're hoping you can help turn our recital into a party!
Recital: Check name & title

Please check that your name is spelt correctly, and that we have the right title listed for you. Names are listed in alphabetical order by recital.

This list does not indicate performance order for the recital. Please note that we do not take performance order requests for recitals as students and their families are expected to stay for the entire recital.
President's Weekend
February 15-18
All teachers are teaching except Karen, who
sent an email to her students about that week.

If you would like to reschedule, we must have 24-48 hours notice! Email Kjarstin to reschedule your lesson.
Don't Reschedule with Teacher
Remember all reschedules need to be
done through the office NOT your TEACHER
24-48 hours in advance(or more) to qualify for a make-up.

Stop by the office (Mon-Thurs 2-7pm), reschedule online or email Kjarstin. Calling us is difficult if we are all teaching. Email is perfect.
Favorite Pop Songs!
10 great songs for females carefully selected for shows or bands!

Includes a CD with accompaniment


Stop by the store or email us and we can have it ready
at your next lesson.