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We Are Dominion Life

Receive a solid understanding of how an apostolic church fellowship can prepare and train members of a local fellowship to help accomplish God's plan for the worldwide Body of Christ.  

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Be Healed Series - January

Sermon 1: God Wants You Free From Oppression!

God never intended for you to live your life in bondage. Sickness, disease or oppression in any form is NOT God's will for you. Learn the Truth about what the Word of God says about oppression, and be healed while you listen, because the Truth shall make you free! (John 8:32)

Sermon 2: God Sent Healing But Have You Received It?

In this session, Bro. Curry clearly shows that God has released (sent) healing for anyone and everyone. But just because God "sent" it doesn't mean you've received it. Be healed as he instructs the listeners in how to receive their healing.


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Heal the Sick - January

Sermon 1: John G. Lake's Divine Healing Secrets

John G. Lake was clearly the leading practitioner of divine healing in the early 20th century. We are blessed in having his "secrets" concerning divine healing revealed to us. In this message, Bro. Curry teaches exactly what these secrets are and how to apply and develop them in our lives so that we can be more effective in healing the sick.

Sermon 2: The "Secret" That Makes It Work

There is one "secret" that makes all other "secrets" work. In this concise teaching Bro. Curry teaches you exactly what you need to know and how to "activate" what you learn.


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You were created for more than just existing, for more than just surviving another day or another year. God designed you for a purpose. You were CREATED FOR DOMINION! 

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