Access Nonprofit Center

Happy Black History Month!
It's Ardena Bartlett, Founder, Director and Member of 
Parenting Black Children
a program of Access Nonprofit Center 
a DDS Service Access and Equity grant partner with San Gabriel/Pomona and Inland Regional Centers, 
Our Mission is to 
parents and caregivers of African Americans persons with developmental disabilities or differences

February 23, 2022: "Social-Emotional: Healthy Attachment"

March 30, 2022: "Growing Milestones: Development"

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Black History, Black Freedom, Black Love: A Three-Part Class

As part of the $2 million commitment at MasterClass to make content that inspires and educates on social justice and against systemic racism, for the first-time ever an entire class will be available to stream for free. The three-part class, Black History, Black Freedom and Black Love will be freely available on during Black History Month.

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Monrovia Public Library


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