February 2020
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He ... seemed motivated to make his second act just as memorable. And that is what makes his unexpected death even more tragic. Not only did Bryant have so much more of his life to live. He had so much more of his life to give.
Biloxi is the place to be for the 2020 Annual SEACAA Training Conference!
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In order to address social determinants of health (SDOH), it is important first to understand what they are.
The conditions in which people are “born, grow, work, live, and age" - all are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources, at the global, national and local levels." These factors cause health inequities - the unfair and unavoidable differences in health status."
- World Health Organization....... more
Newnan, GA - Read how one small southern town tried to use art to help the community celebrate diversity and embrace change. Unfortunately not everyone was ready for....... more

Micha el Schn eider, Human capital specialist, Welltower says you set great goals by envisioning the impact. You achieve them by planning for failure.
With the new year comes new hopes that things will be different. 2020 will be the year that I finally finish a full book, lose that extra 10 pounds, and  make big moves at work . Unfortunately,  most new ...... more .
Wrightsville Beach, NC - NC's Community Action Association is preparing to launch its highly acclaimed Non-Profit Leadership Expedition at Wrightsville Beach, NC on March 25-27...... more
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We all have 24 hours in a day, but how come some people achieve so much more in 24 hours than others?
How can we increase our productivity and still have time to..... more
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Want to be better at what you do?...if you work in Human Resources, as a Deputy Director or Executive Director, or Financial Officer, SEACAA offers a web-based e-learning platform Executive Leaders web-based Certification program , that can be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to accommodate your schedule so you can work at your own pace......... OR think about the SEACAA Certified Community Action Management Program (CCAMP) that has two certification programs for all members interested in achieving high educational and professional standards in community engagement and management.
Enroll now!..... and be your best self!
2020 Census Timeline: The Rollout
Important dates to keep in mind as we move into 2020. Check Out the Partnership’s Census 2020 Blog ! See sample questionnaire.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued it’s annual update of the HHS Poverty Guidelines.

Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr., new Regional Program Manager for Region IV Head Start, will provide remarks at NCCAA's 20/20 Vision Annual Conference in May, 12-15. Dr. Moore is a Head Start graduate and has long been a vocal advocate and example of the program’s success...... more
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Young people more likely to die by suicide in high poverty communities.

Agency Happenings
“The city’s overflow shelter provided a safe place for more than 600 people when the temperatures dipped to dangerous levels.......” said Dr. Cynthia Croom, Executive Director, Metro Action Commission.

Nashville, TENNESEE - The Metropolitan Action Commission partnered with Piedmont Natural Gas to donate $10,000 toward the cost of ensuring the city’s Overflow Shelter has the necessary supplies to serve Nashville’s unhoused and unsheltered residents...... more
Great Work, Metro Action!


Barbourville, KY - KCEOC Community Action Partnership, Inc. came to the rescue of senior community members and a local Senior Citizens Center scheduled to close at the end of last year - after 40 years of service. The seniors were all smiles as KCEOC Community Action Partnership finished ....... more
Great Save, KCEOC!
Annette Orbert, ACCSA Executive Director (pictured in center with her staff) said, “NCCARE360 has provided the ability to connect with community partners in a more efficient way and has provided an easier way for applicants to connect with community resources.”

 Burlington, NC - Alamance County Community Services Agency (ACCSA) was recognized and congratulated by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) for its successful implementation of NCCARE360 at the November meeting of NCCAA's Council of Executive Directors in Winston Salem, NC. NCCARE360 is a statewide care network initiative to electronically connect individuals with resource information ..... more.
Way to Go, Alamance!
Hope for the Homeless
“.......Never give up! I just want to let the youth know if there is no hope, KCEOC and I do care and there is hope with us.
- Haley S.
Barbourville, Kentucky - KCEOC Community Action Partnership officially opened the KCEOC Youth Crisis Center named Ryan’s Place in Barbourville. haven for homeless youth, the Center was named after Ryan White, a homeless youth client advocate, who passed away in a car accident before........ more.

Barbourville, KY - Haley S., found herself homeless at the age of 18 because of differences of opinion with her family. With only a bag of belongings, and the stress of finding a new place to call home, she heard about Ryan’s Place and .... more
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Experiment in Self-Reliance, Winter Wonderland fundraiser, Winston- Salem, NC
SEACAA Board of Directors Meeting, Omni Hotel & Resort, 2020 Reg IV Head Start Annual Training Conference & Expo, Atlanta, GA

2020 NCAF Annual Conference , Washington, DC


National Partnership Annual Meeting, Seatle Washington
NCAF, Washington, DC
SEACAA 2020 Annual Conference , Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS

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