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Eagle rays checking us out
Eagle Ray Ballet, at Eagle Ray Alley, Cozumel, Mexico. Paul Mila photo.
Welcome to the February Sea-gra m  from  .

The many benefits of scuba diving, include meeting interesting people, experiencing countless adventures, and enjoying fascinating encounters with sea creatures.

        Paul, swimming with a hawksbill turtle; photo by Alison Dennis

Over the years, my dive buddies and I have been privileged to enjoy many exciting sea life encounters with sharks, whales, turtles, rays, and barracudas, among other underwater animals.

Visit my YouTube channel, click on VIDEOS, and relive some of our amazing encounters with us:
P.S., you can also read more about our adventures in Bubbles Up, Buoyant Adventures in Planet Ocean. 
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This month's C onservation Corner is, 
Adopt a Turtle Nest & Watch That Plastic. 
It's time to adopt a sea turtle nest. And, imagine what a turtle sees when you throw away that plastic.
Our Story Behind the Photo article, Jellyfish in the Sky, features a most unusual photo that snorkeler Nathan Courtright took in North Carolina. 

If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at,  and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.
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 Conservation Corner . . .
   Adopt a Turtle Nest, & Watch That Plastic!  

We've just heard from 
Andrea B. Siebold, 
Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Coordinator at the 
Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project.

"We are now taking applications for the adoption of 2017 Hilton Head Island sea turtle nests.  
Attached is the application for 2017 - just fill it out and send it in.  
BE SURE to let me know if you have any location preference.... (examples: Port Royal beach or Sea Pines south end or near beach marker 100, etc.) so that we can assign you a nest that you can easily visit, if you wish.
"This year, we have a redesigned sea turtle nest adopter shirt; it is navy blue with Nest Adopter on the sleeve, our logo on the front left, and a loggerhead sea turtle on the back.  Very cool!" 

Just click on the form to adopt:

One of the biggest dangers to sea turtles is eating plastic, because it looks like one of their favorite foods: jellyfish. Take a look; wouldn't you be fooled too?

 Story Behind the Photo . . .
                       Jellyfish in the Sky
                                         by Nathan Courtright
Fifteen year old Nathan Courtright was vacationing with his family at Kill Devil Hills, NC in July 2016.
Nathan was snorkeling only about twelve feet off the beach.  He looked up from the bottom and took this amazing photo of a jellyfish with the sky as a background.   

Nathan was using a Nikon Cool Pix waterproof/shockproof automatic camera.

Thanks for sharing your great photo, Nathan!  
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Conservation Corner:

Adopt a turtle nest & watch that plastic!


Story Behind the Photo:

             Jellyfish in the Sky 

Stories lower left column.

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Shark Divers Wanted!

The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead N.Y. is seeking Scuba Instructors to participate in their Shark Dive Program. 
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What a Grinch!
Sea-gram  reader Martha Weisberg sent us this story about Matthew Collicut, 
harbor-master in Whitianga Harbor, New Zealand, who lost his job last month for aiding in the attempts to save a tangled orca whale. Amazing story!

Here Be the Dragons
Martha also sent us this NY Times story about scientists sighting the rare Ruby Sea Dragon in western Australia:

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 Humpback Whale Fact
Ever wonder how a 30-ton humpback generates enough speed and power to breach?

This amazing video, tweeted by #allfiveoceans, shows that they use their long pectoral fins along with their powerful tail flukes. Amazing!

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A Substitute for
Deadly Plastic
We ran this story last year, but with summer beer season rapidly approaching it is a timely article.

While federal law requires six-pack rings to be 100 percent photo-degradable, they entrap fish, turtles, and seabirds. 

A small brewery at Delray Beach FL has developed an edible six-pack ring made from barley and wheat remnants leftover from the brewing process. 

The Saltwater Brewery hopes that its edible packaging will influence change in the brewing world by feeding the marine life rather than doing it harm.

So visit their website, and while you're enjoying a cold one feel even better knowing that you're helping sea life:

Here's the video story:
Edible 6-pack Rings That Save Turtles & Sea Life
Edible 6-pack Rings That Save Turtles & Sea Life

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Sea-gram fan Sara Helmke sent us this fascinating video clip, 
Tiny Underwater Hippos. 
Anyone know what these little creatures are? I don't.

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  Sea Shepherd Update
For the latest Sea Shepherd conservation initiatives, including their sea turtle defense campaign, Operation Jairo II, visit:

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Morning at the Residencias Reef Beachfront Condo
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