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Fulvio The Turtle Whisperer, David Robertson Photo.  Cedral Wall, Cozumel, Mexico
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In case you're wondering, you didn't miss the January Sea-gram. We took a month off to recover from the holidays.
In January I attended the Long Island Divers Association (LIDA) annual film festival.  Saw some great dive films, met some fascinating people, and sold & signed some books.

Paul at LIDA, Christopher Mazz Photo

Hope we'll see you at this year's Beneath The Sea (BTS) exposition in New Jersey, March 23-25. 
Stop by the author book signing booth and say "hello."
The headline photo above was contributed by David Robertson, affectionately known as DOTS (David of the Shallows), in Cozumel.  Our mutual friend and famous dive buddy, Fulvio of the Deep (FOTD), was communing with a hawksbill turtle on Cedral Wall.

This month's 
Conservation Corner features  an update on how plastic pollution and global warming are affecting sea turtles. 

I had the pleasure recently to spend a few moments with this hawksbill turtle on Punta Tunich Reef, Cozumel, as it was foraging for a sponge lunch:
Swimming With A Hawksbill Turtle
 Paul Mila Video,  Cozumel Mexico

This month's  Story Behind the Photo article features two perspectives of an eagle ray taken by dive buddy David Robertson and myself.
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  Conservation Corner . . .
          Sea Turtles Challenged   
Most species of sea turtles: Greens, Loggerheads, Hawksbills, Leatherbacks, and Kemps Ridley, are already classified as "Endangered" or Critically Endangered."

Plastic Pollution is one major challenge. 

This sea turtle probably think's this plastic bag is a jelly fish.
The plastic will clog the digestive track and kill the turtle.

Plastic six-pack rings can injure both land and sea turtles.

The Salt Water Brewery, a Florida-based craft beer producer, has invented edible six-pack beer holders that are safe for sea turtles and other sea creatures to eat. 

Check out this amazing video story:
Edible Six-pack rings save sea life
Edible Six-pack rings save sea life

Global Warming: another challenge for sea turtles.

 Story Behind the Photo(s) . . .
                   Twin Shot
                               By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
Our group was diving with Alison on Paso De Cedral Reef in Cozumel, about 60 feet deep. It was December, prime eagle ray season, and the rays did not disappoint. David Robertson got into good, close position to take a beautiful shot of a large eagle ray as it slowly cruised along the sandy bottom. 
David said, "I got the shot by chasing after the ray and burning up 500 lbs of air!
David Robertson Photo

I was too far away to get a good shot of the eagle ray, but I  captured both David and the ray as he took his photo. 
David Robertson, shooting his eagle ray. Paul Mila Photo

These two photos provide a good lesson for all underwater photographers. The three main rules of underwater photography are:
 1. Get close, 2. Get closer, and 3. Get even closer!

Photo Equipment:
Paul: SeaLife DC2000 Camera using ambient light & wide-angle lens.
David: Sea&Sea Camera with YS-40 strobe.
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Conservation Corner: 


Plastic Pollution & Global Warming Threaten Sea Turtles


                      Story lower left column.

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