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Chalutzim Club
By Matan Admi

613 Mitzvah Corps Club
By Sarah Eisenberg

Abramham Joshua Heschel Honors Society
By Ilan Cohen

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Israel Update: Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
The Parents' Corner
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Basketball Playoffs
April 2, 2017
Richard Montgomery High School Rockville, MD

Kings Dominion Day
April 30, 2017

USY Spring Convention 
May 26-29,  2017
Camp Louise in Cascade, MD                                                                                                                                Kings Dominion Day 2012
Israel Update
By Matan Admi, Israel Affairs VP
Shalom L'Kulam, and welcome to this issue of Israel Update, with your host and regional IA, Matan Admi. The topic this month is a controversial one: President Trump's decision to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Currently, no other countries have their embassies in Jerusalem, and many countries believe that East Jerusalem shouldn't belong to Israel. The purpose of this article is to state some of  the pros and cons of moving American Embassy to Jerusalem.

Pros:  Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would...
  • Show that America believes that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, especially since no other country is denied representation in its capital.
  • Show America supports the lifelong connection the Jews have with Israel.
  • Demonstrate America's friendship with Israel.
  • Help rebuild the recent rift between America and Israel.

Cons:  Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem could...
  • Lead to further conflict with the Palestinians.
  • Obstruct the possibility for a two state solution with the Palestinians, who also claim Jerusalem as their capital.
  • Distance America from other countries who do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 
Shira B'Seaboard! 
Do you love listening to Israeli Music? Check out this collaborative playlist created by your Israel Affairs VP, Matan Admi. Song suggestions can be emailed to IA@seaboard.org!  Click here to listen! 
The Parent's Corner
By Gabe Kanter-Goodell, Membership Kadima Regional General Board
The only reason I signed up for Spring Convention 2016 was because my parents forced me to. They sent me on the bus with a goodbye and a "you're gonna have so much fun!" but I didn't believe them for a second. It wasn't until I walked into opening session that I knew I was in for the weekend of my life. Since that first convention, I've loved every moment that I've spent with my second family in USY. Although I got involved with this special community less than a year ago, the friends I've made and will continue to make will be there for me for the rest of my life. My message for any parent is that even if your kid seems hesitant to sign up for a convention or kallah at first, they will love it, and by the end, they will never want to leave.
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Chalutzim Club
By Matan Admi, Israel Affairs VP
The Chalutzim Club gives USYers an opportunity to learn about and advocate for Israel. Inspired by the real-life "Chalutzim" (pioneers) who shaped Israel into what it is today, this club is a way to keep their hearts alive. During late nights, we discuss different topics relating to Israel and the Chalutzim. At our recent Israeli industry late night, we played various games to represent some of the biggest industries in Israel. Another important aspect of the Chalutzim is "החלוצון" (The Chalutzon), the official USY Facebook group regarding Israel. Members are able to post articles, music, and their personal thoughts on Israel. The Chalutzim Club here in Seaboard is managed by the Chalutzim Chair, Sam Liss, the Israel Affairs RGB (Joey Abramovitz and Aaron Dinkin), and myself. 
Seaboard Slang
Word:  אֵשׁ (esh)
Literal Definition: Fire
Slang Definition: AWESOME
Example Sentence: "Hey, that Shira B'Seaboard playlist is אֵשׁ!"
613 Mitzvah Corps Club
By Sarah Eisenberg, Social Actions and Tikun Olam Regional General Board
613 late nights are a time for USYers to immerse themselves in the social action of our world today. Whether the theme is American Sign Language or Superheros in SA/TO, Zack Sieff and I pour our heart and soul into each and every program! The two of us decide on the theme of the late night by thinking of all of the causes we're passionate about. We choose our final topic by figuring out which issue we can make most enjoyable to learn about. Once the theme is chosen, we decide if we are going to learn through a game or a discussion. To finish off the planning process, we create an icebreaker to play at the beginning of the evening and write the script.
      Some of our recent late night themes include Superheros in SA/TO and American Sign Language/Deaf Culture. For Superheroes in SA/TO, we talked about some amazing things young people have done and why they are considered heroes. At the ASL/Deaf Culture late night, we discussed rude behavior towards hearing impaired individuals and taught some sign language. This late night really hit home for me, because through my sign language class, I have learned  how important it is to recognize a deaf person's perspective.
     613 late nights not only have impactful themes and activities, but each one has its own group of people who bring unique perspectives to the table. During the educational part of the session, we love watching other people submerge themselves more and more into the social action topic as the discussion continues. Never have two 613 late nights been exactly the same, and we love it. 

        Spring Convention 2014                         Kings Dominion Day 2013
Abraham Joshua Heschel Honors Society
By Ilan Cohen, Religion Education Regional General Board
The Abraham Joshua Heschel Honors Society (AJHHS) is dedicated to Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and his work for Conservative Judaism. AJHHS late nights are full of marvelous programming ranging anywhere from Yiddish rap battles to writing the perfect D'var Torah. When we plan late nights, we go through multiple steps to ensure that they are fun, engaging, and educational. A great deal of time goes into picking the perfect late night theme. Picking a topic often leads to debate and in-depth discussion about the goals and objectives of the program. Once we have a general idea of how the program will flow, we turn it into a formal write-up and submit it for final approval.
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