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Orchards United Methodist Church Newsletter 
February 2020 - 1st Edition
By the time February ends, we will be in Lent. Our foreheads will be anointed with ashes. We will be contemplating the suffering and death of Jesus and what it means for us. We will also be talking about disciplines. Disciplines are those things we do in order to be attuned to God. John Wesley called them 'means of grace': reading scripture, prayer, fasting, giving to the needy, serving the downtrodden, confession, worship and the sacraments.

Do you remember when you were growing up, your parents had different voices for different times? For instance, my Mom would employ my middle name when she was disappointed in one of my actions or a pet name when she was being playful. It was the same loving mother: but different modes of communication.

The disciplines are like modes of communication. God is trying to speak to us. And we have a hard time paying attention. God speaks to us through corrections, encouragements, comforts, praises, presence and solidarity. The disciplines are our way of remaining attuned to the voice of God so we can hear what the Lord is saying.

We have an opportunity in February to preview this understanding of discipline. I'll be worshiping with you (except for February 16). But there will be a series of guest preachers. You have a chance to hear a different voice. Quite frankly we both can use a break from my speaking. Our speakers are mostly lay people involved in various parts of the church. We will hear from a church planter, an evangelist (that's my term), a wise and beloved member, ending with a celebration of our conference camping ministry.

Sometimes the weeks leading up to Lent can feel a little draggy. It's wet, cold, football's done, baseball hasn't started. But this February, things will be a bit more interesting in worship. New voices, showing us that God is at work in our world. Let us train our ears and our hearts to hear what the Lord is doing.
- Pastor Christopher

Welcome to February!

We've got a lot going on this month. So much, that we're starting off with a break on Super Bowl Sunday. We'll also be hosting the Sweethearts Dinner, sharing a meal of our own, and more. Check out our schedule below.

Sunday, February 2- No Youth Group

Sunday, February 9- Theology Meal, 2:00

Saturday, February 15- Sweethearts Dinner (setup at 1, dinner 5-8, clean up till 9)

Sunday, February 16- Youth Group 2-4

Sunday, February 23- Family Engagement Event- Sky Zone

I can't wait to see you this month.


Annual Youth Group 
Sweetheart Dinner
Saturday - February 15th

Couples, Singles, or Groups
Bring a Friend!

Seating times available:
5:00 pm - 6:50 pm
10 min. intervals beginning at 5 pm, ending at 6:50 pm

We already have reservations made for 53 people, so get yours while there is still room.


Call office with names, time and choice(s) of entree or you can sign up at Sundays at church downstairs during fellowship time. See menu below for choices.

OUMC Sweethearts Dinner 2020 Menu

Curry Chicken, Rich Coconut Curry sauce over Rice with Roasted Vegetables, 
topped with Fresh Cilantro

GF Beef Bourguingnon, Braised Beef with Carrots, Pearl Onions, mushrooms, red wine and beef broth sauce, served with Chive Mashed potatoes and Roasted Vegetables.

GF Sweet and savory BBQ spare Ribs, Baked Beans, 
served  with a Mild Jalapeno Cole Slaw

V Vegetable Curry, Rich coconut curry sauce with vegetables served over rice 
with a side of grilled garlic asparagus spears
*can be served without Rice, gluten free option

V Vegetarian Lasagna, Rich and Cheesy marinara vegetarian lasagna served with Olive Oil Roasted vegetables.

Dinners to be served with a Vegetable, Pita and Hummus platter appetizer

 Coffee, Hot Tea, Ice Tea, Water, Sparkling Apple Cider

Cheesecake with Chocolate Sauce
Cheesecake with Strawberries
Red Velvet Cake

The following to go items available to order as well for $10:

Lasagna and Chicken Enchiladas

Soup Supper 
and Movie Night
Saturday, Feb. 1st at 5 pm

 Please plan to join us on Saturday, February 1 at 5 PM   for a soup supper and movie night. We will be watching  
 Wonder Park. It is a really fun movie and a great one for   the family. If you don't have kids, come anyway. It will 
 be a time of fellowship and fun for all of us. We will have   soup and then start the movie. Papa Jay will be making   his famous popcorn  and there will be goodies to share. 
 If you would like to bring something, feel free to contact   Suzie W. A big thank you to those that I've already   signed up. Events like this only happen because we all   work together. If you have any questions, contact me   and I will be happy to answer anything you need.

We look forward to seeing you on 
Saturday, February 1 at 5 pm at
Orchard United Methodist Church for family movie night!

We will be taking a free will donation. All money will go to the all church retreat fund. This enables us to keep the costs  down so that more families can join us at the retreat in April. 

If you are unable to attend the movie but would like to donate to the all church retreat fund, we would except any and all donations.

See you at the  �� !

Who's ready to start fun new craft projects   for 2020? We would love for you to join us as we fellowship and craft together! Bring your own craft and join us this month in the Annex Basement at our regular meeting times. Feel free to be there for both or if 
you can only make one, that works too!

 We meet the first Saturday of the month at   10 am and the 3rd Thursday at 6 pm.  

Upcoming  dates are:   Saturday, February 1st and Thursday, February 20th

 If you have any questions, please contact:
 Sherry Hibbs at 360-518-9988 or Shiloh   Olson at 541-740-8401.

2019 Giving Statements are in the Narthex and ready to pick up.  Please review your   statement as soon as possible and let Sherry know if you have any questions.  If you   would like yours dropped in the mail, just drop Sherry an  email
** Any statements not picked up by Feb. 9th, will be mailed.**

 Worship in February will feature a series of guests.

  • February 2nd -  Lyn Rush from Pinoy Vanport Ministries will be here.
  • February 9th - Roni Sasaki, 3-time Paralympic medalist skier will be our guest preacher.
  • February 16th - Our own Eric Clayton will be preaching.
  • February 23rd - We will host "Camping Sunday".

The Tuesday Evening Life Group will be taking a break and starting up again on Tuesday, February 25th (the day before Ash Wednesday). At that time we'll be reading Wondrous Encounters Scripture for Lent by Richard Rohr. This is a book of daily meditations for Lent. This would be a good time to join us if you're interested. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. We'll be meeting each Tuesday starting February 25 and ending March 31 or April 7. Easter is April 12th. 
Please contact Rod Allen at 360 609-7832 with any questions.
Summer Ministry 
Orchards Glen 

 We're getting ready for our   summer ministry again! 

Here's how you can help:
  • Mark your calendar. We'll be there Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 16-August 20. Watch for opportunities to help with food and to volunteer!
  • Plan an activity - we're hoping to expand activities this year, and especially to include more community partners.
  • Help with the planning team - we meet the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm, in the annex basement.
  • Donate funds to help purchase food and supplies.
 Talk to Pastor Christopher or Rachon Hanson for more information!
 2019 Giving Statements

 Statements will be available to pick up in the   Narthex beginning, Sunday, January 19th. 
 If you would like yours dropped in the mail, please drop me an email.  Also, once you   receive your statement, please review it right away and let me know if you have any   questions or discrepancies.

 Thanks! Sherry

Set your calendar for  March 27 - 29 for the second annual MEN'S SERVICE WEEKEND for men of the  United Methodist Churches of Clark County and the Pacific Northwest. It will be held at Ocean Park  Retreat Center. 

This will be a great opportunity to get to know men from fellow churches while serving  a great cause.

We will not only have outstanding fellowship, we will perform a variety of important tasks to help your  camp prepare for the busy summer season. The projects were chosen to allow various abilities and  capabilities so that all may participate. The projects include, but are not limited to: updating exterior  lighting, maintaining the ocean view from Sea Breeze Lodge, trail clearing, challenge course clearing, and  interior painting. This is rain or shine. If the weather is too harsh for outside, there is the painting and  repair work.

During our first Men's Service Weekend in 2019, we not only cleared much of the way for the new zip  line, split and stored firewood, and repaired tables and chairs.

There is a $40 fee to cover the cost of meals for Saturday and Sunday morning. If anyone has concerns  about the costs, please contact Brandon Scheer, camp director. To register, go to

Our camp relies on volunteers in order to provide the important ministry that it serves. Please plan to  come and meet new friends while enabling our Ocean Park Retreat Center to thrive.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Musser by text or voice at 360-607-3472

Social Justice Sower Article - 
Changes in the Presidential Primary Elections for the State of  Washington.
Please note that the presidential primaries will be held earlier this year. During the 2016 Washington State primary presidential elections were held in May after democratic and republican candidates were already decided in March 2016.  Essentially by voting late this made the 2016 primary presidential election in Washington State irrelevant and costing tax payers $9 million dollars. These are the reasons the primary election will be held earlier. Ballots should be coming out to homes beginning February 22, 2020.
Please see the attached Columbian newspaper article link for full details:
The above article mentioned having to designate a party before you cast your ballot. I contacted the Clark County Elections Department on January 21, 2020, and this is what they said: Citizens will choose their party affiliation when they cast their vote for the presidential primary elections. Interesting fact: The Clark Elections Office will maintain your designation party affiliation only for 60 days after the primary election.

Work with FAN on Census 2020!
FAN is hiring a part-time Census Coordinator to assist in outreach efforts thanks to a grant from the Washington Census Equity Fund, managed by Philanthropy Northwest. The Census Coordinator will help us promote a robust and accurate count in the 2020 Census. Census data is used to determine how more than $800 billion in federal funds are distributed back to local communities every year for services and infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, fire departments and roads. Washington has more than 1.6 million residents from historically "hard-to-count" population groups, including communities of color, Native Americans both on and off tribal lands, immigrants and limited English speakers, young children and rural residents of all backgrounds. With this grant we will be able to support opportunities for participation in the census which will help ensure that all communities receive their fair share of critical federal and state funding. We are thrilled to be a recipient of this grant and a participant in this important work.
Please download the job description and share with your communities. We will be hiring by January 31 and see this as a statewide effort. If you believe everyone counts in Census 2020 and want to help faith communities fill an important role, send your resume and cover letter to


 2020 Legislative Proposal  Prohibiting Private Prison Operation and Use  SB   6442 / HB 2576  Senator Saldaña / Representative Ortiz - Self

Problem Addressed
 ● Incarceration is an inherently governmental function that cannot be    
   outsourced  because  of the public interest in humane treatment and     
 ● Private prisons fail the public and harm individuals, both inmates and staff.

 ● Phase out the use of  private prisons by prohibiting any new contracts and  
   any  extensions of existing private contracts to provide prison or detention 
 ● Limit the authority of State and local governments to use out - of - state private 
   prison  facilities.
 ● Clarify that the p rohibition on private prisons does not apply to facilities for 
   involuntary  placement for mental health, drug rehabilitation, juvenile  
   rehabilitation, and other similar  services.
 ● Recognize that Tribal governments own and operate jails, and allow other 
   gover nments  to contract with them .

Fiscal Impact
 ● This bill should have no fiscal impact on th e State of Washington.
 ● Private prisons provide poor quality services that are harmful to individuals 
   and  violate  the public trust. They waste taxpayer dollars. The best public  
   policy is to make sure this  is never an option.
 ● Currently neither the State of Washington nor any municipality uses private 
   prisons. The  State Department of Corrections contract with GEO Group 
   expired in 2018.

Issues to Address
 ● Emergency needs  of the State and local governments
 ● Washington's Department of Corrections and local jails routinely plan for 
   disaster  contingencies and overflow. Experience indicates that government 
   entities are  able to contract with each other to provide emergency housing of 
 ● Transition  of those detained at existing facilities.
 ● Currently the only private prison facility in Washington State is the 
   Northwest  Detention Center, an immigration detention facility in Tacoma. Th
   existing  contract for this facility terminates in 2025, which allows time to 
   address the  release and placement of all detained there. Most can be 
   released  to the  community on bonds and personal recognizance.
 ● Family visits  are used to defend the value of  keeping Washington's sole 
   private prison  operation open. However, it is not true that moving detainees  
   will  negatively impact the  access to families.
 ● A majority of those held at the only private detention facility in Washington 
   were  transferred from outsid e our region. Families are regularly frustrated in 
   any  attempts to visit. Shutting down this facility and prohibiting others is the 
   real  solution.

Who Supports this Proposal:
 ● Faith Action Network
 ● La Resistencia
 ● Northwest Immigran t Rights Project
 ● One America
 ● Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network
 ● Washington State Labor Council and others

Suggested Action:

 The Senate Private Detention Ban bill (SB 6442 Saldaña) will be heard on  
 Wednesday in the Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee at 8 
 AM. FAN is part of an immigrant advocacy coalition with over 150 organizations  
 endorsing these companion bills. Incarceration is inherently a governmental function that   cannot be outsourced because of the public interest in humane treatment and   transparency. Private prisons fail the public and harm individuals - inmates, their families,   and staff. This bill will phase out the use of private prisons by prohibiting any new   contracts and extensions of existing private contracts to provide prison or detention   services, with exceptions for private contracting for mental health, drug, and juvenile   rehabilitation, and for tribally owned jails. The House bill (HB 2576 Ortiz-Self) will be   heard in early February. For more information, see the  one pager  on this issue.

 Please send a message to your Senator to support this bill, especially if they sit   on the Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee. Click here to see   Senate Committees and members.
 For any other bills on our agenda, contact your legislators using the email   formula, or call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-   6000 between 8 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday.

Please contact  Terry Eaton if you are planning 
to go  and would like to carpool!

Birthdays &

If we don't have your
birthday or 
anniversary date, 
or if it is incorrect,
please call the office,
360-892-5240 or  email



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      Betsy Clayton
   8 Merle Lockhart
 12 Charlotte Schill
 15 Brenda Hall
 21 Betty Morrow
 26 Josh Boruff
      Shiloh Olson



  10 Walt & Jan
  22 Kevin &  Rhonda     

Pray for Our Military

SFC Patrick Walker
Colorado Springs

SPC Gus Jeffries
National Guard

1st LT Tom Roller
Air Force
has been deployed


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Movie Night
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Sweetheart Dinner
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