February 2019 Vol 6 Issue 5
Welcome to the Cancer Control Technical Assistance Periodical (TAP). Any questions? Drop us a line at cancercontrol@gwu.edu.
In case you missed it, we recently released an updated 2019 version of our Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Social Media Toolkit. Updates include new "click to share" buttons for all pre-written social media posts as well as creative ideas for using platforms beyond Twitter and Facebook to get stakeholders involved.

HPV-Related Cancer Prevention Resources
February is Cancer Prevention Month, a great time to highlight the impact of screening and vaccination on reducing the risk for cancer, particularly HPV-related cancers. We offer several helpful resources, like our HPV Vaccine Myth Busting for Health Care Providers Social Media Toolkit or HPV Cancer Prevention Profiles. Download and share them today!

Liver Cancer and Viral Hepatitis Resources
Cancer Prevention Month is also an opportunity to highlight liver cancer prevention and the link between viral hepatitis and liver cancer. Our Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Prevention Profiles ( and associated resources) can help improve policy-makers and cancer control professionals' awareness of the link between viral hepatitis and liver cancer, while our Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Social Media Toolkit covers communication strategies for talking about this important link.

We are currently recruiting mentors for our upcoming 18-month Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) Communication Mentorship Program. We're looking for seasoned comprehensive cancer control or public health professionals with experience in planning, implementing and evaluating behavior change communication campaigns focused on cancer screening. Does this sound like you? Contact us at cancercontrol@gwu.edu to learn more.
A ction for Policy, Systems and Environmental Change: A Training
Did you know that the GW Cancer Center offers a no-cost online training on policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change? The training covers the seven steps of the PSE change process, real world examples from comprehensive cancer control programs, resources and practical tools for engaging stakeholders. The course also offers no-cost continuing education credits for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES ®) and/or Master Certified Health Education Specialists (MCHES ®) Learn more and enroll today.
2/26: Webinar - A System's Approach to Enhance Patient Experience and Reduce Disparities Register

2/27: Webinar - Healthcare and Community Education Partnership to Enhance Reach and Increase Behavior Change Register

2/27: Webinar - National Public Health Week: Social Media 101 Register

3/6: Webinar - Balancing Work and Cancer: Disclosure, Privacy and Online Brand Register

3/7 : Event/Webinar - National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable 80% in Every Community Launch Register

4/1-4/7: Event - National Public Health Week Register
Public Health Reaching Across Sectors PHRASES Fellows Program (due 2/28)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Research Leaders (due 3/13)