February 14, 2017

Dear Parents,
As February is a short month, I will try to keep my February letter short as well. February is re-enrollment month. Please be sure to return re-enrollment forms by this Friday, February 17. On the basis of those returns, we will begin on February 21 making decisions concerning staff assignments for the 2017-2018 academic year.
If for some reason a re-enrollment contract cannot be submitted by the deadline, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Next week the Admission Committees will begin deciding on new student admission and financial aid applications.
We hope you agree that at Stanwich your children can develop into the individuals you know. In the context of understanding and support, we educate students to appreciate traits that are exclusively their own, and those of their peers. This process of self-realization grounds Stanwich students and enable them to respectfully and responsibly help others to be their best selves, too. As the end of the second trimester approaches, please plan to attend winter parent teacher conferences: March 9 and 10. These conferences help focus and coordinate educational efforts between families and teachers to ensure maximum educational value and a successful academic conclusion to the year. Students will receiveĀ­ written progress updates (checklist in the Lower School) and grades (in the Upper School) to initiate conference dialogue. Parents will receive information from the divisional offices soon to schedule conferences.
From the stage to the courts, our students are demonstrating the vital life skills of inner drive, resilience and courage. Congratulations to the cast and crew of The Glass Menagerie for their first-class production at the beginning of the month. It has also been a very successful season for athletics. Although we haven't won them all, thanks to our excellent coaches every team has won some, displayed great sportsmanship, and improved significantly since November. Thanks as well to parents for the great turn-out to contests both home and away.
As the winter season winds down, pre-season workouts for the spring begins. For the first time, Stanwich will be fielding a SH softball team. Additional spring teams are as follows: Junior House baseball, Junior House softball, four Junior House lacrosse teams, both recreational and competitive tennis, and golf.

When the lacrosse sticks and ball gloves come out, summer isn't far behind. Registration on the webpage will begin later this month for Stanwich's camp offerings that will run from June 12 th until the 23 rd for students PreK to Grade 7.
Stanwich performing arts are unusually strong. In addition to our classes in choral and instrumental music, students may take individual music lessons during the academic day by arrangement with Caroline Worra, our Performing Arts Chair or Diane LaSalle, who directs our piano program. We appreciate the convincing brain-based research concerning the positive effect music lessons can have on academic success. In addition a number of music groups in the larger community use our facility evenings and on weekends. Westfair Singers invites any parents who are passionate about music and would like to sing with them to join them. If interested please contact Catalina in the front office.
With all best wishes and thanks for your support for Stanwich,

Charles Sachs
Head of School