Trinity Tidings  February 2018   Volume 32, No. 2
Welcome to our new online version of Trinity Tidings.

Upcoming Events at Trinity:

February 4
Communion Sunday
Souper Bowl Sunday

February 11
Parents of Our Children Meeting
with Terri, 
Room 203

February 14
Ash Wednesday Service

February 17
Basketball Play-Offs

February 18-19
Youth Lock-In

February 24
Basketball Banquet

February 25
Basketball Recognition Sunday

Chili Cook-Off & Dessert Auction-Youth Fundraiser

March 24-25
Jim Singleton 
Spiritual Retreat

Wednesday Night Live

Join us for our regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Live activities.

         5:30pm WNL Dinner
         6:00pm Children’s Choir
         6:30pm CWE, Adult Bible Study
         6:30pm Chancel Choir Practice

February 7th Menu:
1/4 BBQ chicken, green beans,
mashed potatoes and roll.  

February 4, 2018
The Trinity Presbyterian Youth are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday by collecting soup to be donated to the North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry. Please help us make this a Souper-Bowl Sunday by bringing your donation of cans or packages of soup to church on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Our youth will be on hand on Sunday morning in the Narthex to accept donations and/or monetary contributions. Thank you for being a blessing to those in need!
Expect the Unexpected! 
Youth Lock-In at Trinity
February 18, 3:00 pm through Feb. 19, 9:00am. 
Get details and sign up at YWE, and
see Terri if you have questions!

Trinity Chili Cook-Off 
and Dessert Auction
Sunday, February 25
We could not let winter pass without the Trinity Chili Cook-off and Dessert Auction! Please join us on February 25, 2018, following the 11:00 am worship service. There will be many varieties of chili, lots of toppings, and loads of fun!

Donations will be accepted and all proceeds will support the youth mission trip to Orlando this summer.

Following the meal, we will auction off delicious desserts. Bring your checkbook and be prepared to bid early and often for your favorite dessert!
If you would like to support this worthy cause, make a crockpot of your favorite chili recipe, bake your best dessert, or buy some chili toppings (shredded cheese, sour cream, etc.). 
All donations will be accepted with gratitude!

Please watch for the flyer in the bulletin and let us know what you can contribute.

Dear Friends:

Time marches forward. Ash Wednesday is just two weeks away! So, the liturgical season of Lent is almost here. For some of us in the Presbyterian Church Ash Wednesday and Lent may not be as familiar to us as they may be for those among us raised in more liturgically formal traditions. Indeed, many of us raised in the Presbyterian traditions (or other Protestant traditions) likely have little or no experience with certain elements of the annual liturgical calendar. Part of the reason we are unfamiliar with these components of the church year is that following the upheaval and turmoil of the Reformation our forefathers in the Reformed Tradition associated these liturgical events quite closely with the Roman Catholicism they had sought to reform. Consequently, they were reluctant to continue worship practices that appeared to remind people of Rome’s control over the faith.

The net effect of this attitude toward the ancient worship practices of the church was to neglect and avoid any worship practice that was not directly found in scripture. It is quite true that the early Reformers were very concerned to avoid anything in the life of the church that was not directly tied to scripture. However, it is equally true that it was their intent to recapture both the scriptural texts in their ancient languages of Greek and Hebrew, and to recover the ancient worship practices of the earliest days of the church.

Accordingly, it is clear from the writings of the early church fathers, dating from the 1st – 3rd Centuries, that early communal Christian worship practices did include annual events which very closely re-sembled in content and character what we now call Ash Wednesday and Lent. In fact, the practice of applying ashes to the head of penitent believers predates the church and is found throughout the pages of the OT. As for Lent, it also clear that the weeks and months leading up to the glorious celebration of Easter were a time of preparation in the early church to more fully appreciate and understand the resurrection, especially in respect to receiving the sacrament of baptism.

So, I invite you to participate in the imposition of ashes to the forehead on Ash Wednesday, February 14th at our 6:30pm worship service. I also invite you to prayerfully consider committing to some tangible act of repentance during Lent. As we participate in these ancient traditions of our faith, we join with generations of faithful disciples who have gone before us and have found such practices meaningful and rewarding.

Scholars tell us that the practice of burning, or “charcoaling”, ashes for Ash Wednesday worship from the palm fronds used in worship the previous year’s Palm Sunday worship started very early in the life of the church. Today, liturgical ashes are commercially available from most church supply sources. How-ever, Trinity is blessed to have talented and committed folks who collect our Palm fronds from worship on Palm Sunday each year, and then, dry and store the fronds until they are burned and prepared for our Ash Wednesday worship the following year. This is the only congregation I have served to use its own “in-house” liturgical ashes. There are many special things about our church family, and this is one of them

The ashes applied to our forehead on Ash Wednesday are an incredibly powerful and tangible reminder that for all of our technology, for all of our scientific advancements, and for all of our learning, in the final analysis we are “dust, and to dust we shall return”. Receiving the ashes is a truly humbling experience. They remind us that without Jesus Christ, we are destined to nothing – nothing but dust blowing in the wind. The ashes are indeed a fitting, and altogether proper way to begin our spiritual journey toward the glorious celebration of our new promised eternal life brought through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, as time marches forward, I invite you to take time to join us for worship on Ash Wednesday, February 14th.
From the Director of Christian Education & Youth
He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord
require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.
                           Micah 6:8
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month at Trinity Presbyterian and I thank you for the warm welcome you have given me! I look forward to working with you as we seek God’s direction together.

Plato said that “[t]he beginning is the most important part of the work.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. For that reason, our January YWE and Youth Small Group meetings centered around the Lord’s requirements as set forth in Micah 6:8. We looked at the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., and our responsibility as Christians to seek justice. We talked about the virtue of kindness, and the call to go beyond superficial kindness. We explored what it means to live in tune with God and to walk in His ways.

Our YWE meetings will include discussions on current issues and what Scripture has to say about those issues, service opportunities, and social gatherings to build community—and have fun! The curriculum for Youth Small Group will focus on living our faith and growing our relationship with Christ.

The Children’s Worship Experience and WNL curriculum for January focused on commitment to God, and the need to practice that commitment on a daily basis through hearing and doing what God says, praying, talking about God with others, and trusting in God no matter what. What great lessons for God’s children of all ages! While the Sunday morning CWE and WNL will revolve around the same scripture and lesson, the presentation of the lesson will be different on Sundays and Wednesdays, so please bring the children to both.

I have met with the parents/guardians of our youth and will be meeting with the parents of our children on February 11th immediately following the 11:00am worship service.  If you have a child or teen and have not received at least one email from me, please send me an email at so that I can add you to my list. If you have a middle school or high school student, please check out the Youth News. February and March are packed full!

Back to that Plato comment: I also believe that every day is a new beginning, so let’s make them all count for Christ! Please know that my door is always open and you are welcome to stop by and share any ideas, suggestions, or comments you may have.
In Christ’s service,
Welcome to Trinity's Newest Member!
On January 28th, Trinity Presbyterian Church welcomed our newest member. It is a pleasure to have her join our church family; please welcome her when you see her!
Elizabeth Hartman

Trinity's "Welcome Mat " is out for our newest member, Mrs. Elizabeth Hartman. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she attended Union Seminary in Richmond, VA, where she met her husband, the Rev. Dr. John Hartman.   Married in 1979, they are the parents of two adult sons. These days, Elizabeth, a retired Director of Christian Education, enjoys her job with Springbrook PRT Facility in Travelers Rest and also their active little grandchildren who are ages one, two, three and four. On most Sundays, Elizabeth and John can usually be found at our 9:00am worship service.
Notes from Our Choir Director
Welcome Guest Singers to Trinity!

We’re very blessed to have these talented young people joining us in the coming months. These students lend their gifts and talents to our music ministry and provide a robust energy to our choir, all while giving God the glory for His blessings!
Ben Bagwell is an 18-year-old freshman enrolled at Furman University. He was born and raised in Greenwood, South Carolina. He is currently majoring in music: vocal performance and he loves to perform for people.
Trey Duncan is a senior music and physics major at Furman University. He is the head student equipment manager for the football team, and he is the music director for the Bell Tower Boys. He is also an aspiring songwriter and performer. Trey Duncan is from Lexington, South Carolina.
Katie Jennison is a sophomore vocal performance major at Furman University and studies with Lisa Barksdale. A Richmond, VA native, she is involved in musical theater with Pauper Players, the Furman Singers, and loves singing with the choir and Praise Band here at Trinity Presbyterian Church. 
Tentative February/March Music Ensemble Schedule
Feb. 4     Chancel Choir
Feb. 11     Chancel Choir, Handbells       
Feb. 18     Chancel Choir
Feb. 25     Men’s Ensemble
You’re probably used to the same old advertisement...”Sing!” Maybe that doesn’t jump off the page anymore. What it should read is “Listen!” Listen to God and you might be surprised how He calls you to get involved. There are so many ways. I often hear “ I can’t even carry a tune ” or “ trust me, you don’t want me in the choir! ” etc. Don’t jump to conclusions! We have a home in God’s singing forces for every age and background. Our ministry means much more than artistic excellence in the Chancel or detailed interpretation from the conductor’s podium. It means meeting people where they are and offering them, out of loving concern, disciplined talents which you possess. We’re hitting the ground running this February- practicing music through Holy Week. Our ensembles continue to grow w/ the addition of the Handbell Choir and Men’s Ensemble. Practice is always enthusiastic, dedicated and FUN! So join us anytime, no experience required! Questions? Contact Leah at
God is always singing through his servants! 
Joyfully in Christ,
6-6:30 Children’s Choir
6:30 PM Ash Wednesday Service (NO Adult Choir)
Rise Up, O Men of God!
Men of Trinity will be singing Sunday, February 25 @ 11 AM service. The congregation loves when the men sing quarterly—worshipful favorites celebrating the good news of God’s grace. We’ll meet in the choir room @ 10:30 am to go over the songs. They’re from the hymnal and prior music experience isn’t required. Bring sons, sons-in-laws, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, neighbors—all are welcome! Questions?
Contact John Burns: .
Trinity Youth Basketball Season 2017-2018

Come and support Trinity’s youth
during this season’s last two basketball games--
below are schedules for the next two Saturdays, Feb. 3 and 10
Play-Off Games are Saturday, Feb. 17th!
Saturday evening, February 24, 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Our Trinity youth basketball banquet with dinner catered by Shortfields of TR.
Sunday morning, February 25, 10:00 to 11:00 AM
Fellowship time for all our Trinity Presbyterian basketball families in
McKinney Hall at Trinity (area just outside our gym)
Sunday morning, February 25, 11:00 AM
Trinity youth recognition worship service
all our Trinity youth basketball teams and families are welcome and encouraged
to attend our 11:00 am worship service
where our youth basketball teams will be recognized during the worship service.
Small Groups For Everyone!
Sunday Adults:

Fellowship Class: Focus - Rotates study of the books of the Bible with Christian books and studies that enrich our lives. Format- Combination of lecture with interactive discussion, all in a relaxed environment. Leadership changes annually with a rotation of teachers from our class.

Christianity and Contemporary Issues: Focus - Discussions relate the messages contained in Scripture  passages to current headlines. Format - lecture and interactive. Facilitators – Mary Pace, Annette Taylor and class members.

Trinity Class: First Sunday School Class created at Trinity and has been active ever since. Focus- Study of the Bible with the help of the Standard Lesson Commentary.
Format - lecture and interactive with class discussion strongly encouraged. Teachers - Beauford Williams, Fred Moehlenbrock and class members.
Sunday Youth: Sunday Children:
6th-12th Grades—Terry Luzynski
CWE 4K-1st Grade—Robin Blakemore, Joanna Newcomer, Leslie Weikle
CWE 2nd-5th Grades—Allen Clark, Eric Smith

Tuesday Morning Women
Rachel Bible Study meets weekly at 10:00 a.m. A lesson is presented by one of the participants taking turns each week. Facilitator - Nancy Simonton
 *Resumes January 9th

Wednesday Night Live Small Groups
CWE 1 st – 5 th Grades : Led by Hannah Smoak and youth assistants.

Childcare is available through 5K.

Adult Bible Study : A seminar style format encouraging discussion. Meets in the Thorpe Building. A new Lenten study focusing on the passion narrative in John’s Gospel begins February 28th. Led by Rev. Mason.
Thursday Morning Men
Men’s Fellowship meets Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. for a biscuit and coffee breakfast, a devotional, followed by a program. Programs include guest speakers from the community as well as members of the group. Facilitator - John Burns
 *Resumes January 11th
Monthly Groups
Miriam Ladies Group meets one Sunday afternoon per month at different members’ homes.

Naomi Ladies Group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at members' homes. They also study a selected series which is moderated by one of the class members. Facilitator - Esther King
A New Lectern in the Sanctuary
If you have been in “First Worship” at 9:00am recently, perhaps you have taken note of the beautiful new wooden lectern we use in “First Worship”. Our own George Schackel is the creator! He designed it, constructed it, and stained and varnished it. It is a beautiful addition for our worship, and will be of service to the glory of God for many years to come!

Youth News!
Take a deep breath and be ready to run: February and March will be packed full of study, service, and fun!  Please make sure to turn in your Permission and Release Form if you have not done so already. Here’s the schedule and some important reminders:
Feb. 4   Deadline to turn in registrations for Montreat Sr. High Mini-Retreat. 
               If you need a brochure or registration form, contact Terri asap.

Feb. 4  Souper Bowl & Super Bowl Sunday 4:00-6:00 pm ; combined MSY/Sr High Meeting
We will be collecting soup from the neighborhood from 4:00-4:45 pm, so wear your walking shoes and bring an umbrella if it is raining. (Yes, Will—that includes you!) We will then have a combined youth meeting, dinner from 5:30-6:00 pm (provided by Cindy Clark), and have you home almost in time for the Super Bowl kick-off.

Feb. 11 Regular YWE schedule:    5:00-6:00 pm  MSY Meeting
6:00-6:30 pm  Dinner for MSY & Sr. High provided by Marty Chapman
6:30-7:00 pm  Praise & Worship; Announcements
7:00-8:00 pm  Sr. High Youth Meeting

Feb. 18 Lock-In 3:00 pm through 9:00 am Expect the Unexpected
The Lock-in will begin with a tour and service work at the Greenville Humane Society from 3:30 to approximately 5:00. We will then return to the church, where you should expect the unexpected! God often used ordinary people in extraordinary ways. We will explore some of those occasions as we consider how God might use even us!
The 6:00 pm dinner will be provided by Julie Rogers. Breakfast will be provided by Patsy Sharpe and Cindy Clark. We are still looking for a volunteer to provide a midnight meal. Takers?
Youth will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow (just in case you need a quick nap), personal items, a snack to share, a favorite board game, and a willingness to have lots of fun throughout the night! Remember that we will be working at the Humane Society at the beginning of the lock-in. There are showers downstairs if you don’t want to smell like dog all evening!

Feb. 25  Chili Cook-off and Dessert Auction Fundraiser after 11:00 am worship
Youth will be needed to help with set-up, serving, and clean-up. This is a fundraiser for our mission trip to Orlando. We need all hands on deck!
Regular YWE Schedule with dinner provided by Kristin Mullis

Mar. 4 Regular YWE Schedule with dinner provided by Elizabeth Wingard

Mar. 11 Service Sunday: Combined MSY/Sr High Meeting - Serving North Greenville Crisis Ministry
3:30 pm      Meet at Trinity
4:00-5:45 pm Serving at North Greenville Crisis Ministry
6:00-6:30 pm Dinner provided by Emily Huminski
 6:30-7:00 pm Praise Music, Devotions, & Announcements

Mar. 16-18 Montreat Sr. High Mini-Retreat— Deadline to register: Feb. 4, 2018
This retreat is sponsored by The Foothills Presbytery Youth Council. Our own Christian Short is a member of the PYC. Registration for the retreat begins at 7:00 pm. We will leave Trinity no later than 5:00 pm, but a final departure time will be set after we determine who is attending. 

Mar. 18 5:00-6:00pm MSY Meeting
6:00-6:30pm Dinner provided by Julie Rogers
6:30-7:00pm Praise Music, Devotions, & Announcements
   No Sr. High Youth Meeting

March 25 TBA: This could be a Regular YWE Schedule or this could be . . . WINTER JAM GREENVILLE. Stay tuned!
Questions? Ideas? Let me know! Email me at or call me at the church (864-834-9897) or at 540-761-8421.
Peace & prayers,
2018 Offering Envelopes
2018 Offering are in the office; if you haven’t already picked yours up, please come by the office Monday—Friday between 9am and 1pm or contact Myriam Vest in the office at 864-834-9897.
Flower Calendar Sign-Up
A sign-up sheet to provide flowers for the Sanctuary on Sundays is available in the Narthex. If you would like to do so, please sign up to provide flowers on a specific Sunday; flowers can be given in memory or honor of a loved one and it will be noted in that day’s bulletin announcements.
January 2018 Session Digest
Members Present : Sherry Ogletree, Dennis Tavernetti, Jeff Burton, Mary Pace, Justin Mullis, Thomas Barksdale, Olin Blanton, Bob Lewis, Lawrence Garabedian, Mark Bostian, Dennis Mitchell and Chuck Verdin.
Members Absent and Excused : None.
Opening Prayer: Marc Mason opened the meeting with a reading from a passage from Isaiah (Chapter 65) and with prayer.
Declaration of Quorum : A quorum was present.
Pastor’s Report and Housekeeping Details :
Marc Mason gave an update on members who are sick, in the hospital, and recovering. 
The Lord’s Supper was celebrated on December 24, 2017 (at 7:30 p.m.) and on January 7, 2018.
Colonel James Chance, Sr. passed away on January 7, 2018.
January Special Events:
January 28, 2018: One Worship at 10:00 a.m. 
January 28, 2018: Annual Congregational Meeting 
January 28, 2018: Congregational Luncheon
The Elder of the Week Mission (Description and Expectations) was circulated and discussed.
The Foothills Presbytery Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, at Fort Hill Presbyterian Church in Clemson. Justin Mullis volunteered to attend as an Elder Commissioner subject to his work schedule. Sherry Ogletree made a motion to elect Justin Mullis to such role. Jeff Burton seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Monthly Budget Reports : Mary Pace presented the December monthly budget reports. She reported that December was a good month that resulted in a surplus for the month in the Operating Account and also a surplus for the month in the Building Fund. For the year ended December 31, 2017, she noted there was a deficit of approximately $3,600 in the Operating Account and a surplus in the Building Fund of approximately $26,000. Olin Blanton made a motion to approve the monthly budget reports as presented. Lawrence Garabedian seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Diaconate Report : No report.
Membership Update : As of January 11, 2018, the church has 478 members, of which 464 are resident and 14 are non-resident.
Clerk Report : Approval was asked for approval of the minutes of the Stated Session Meeting on December 14, 2017, and for the minutes of the Annual Joint Board (Session/Diaconate) Meeting on December 14, 2017. Jeff Burton made a motion to approve both sets of minutes. Justin Mullins seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Communications : None
Old Business Ad Hoc Financial Review Committee – Sherry Ogletree reported that the plaque for McKinney Hall is ready. It will be unveiled on 1/28/18. The committee has scheduled three “Step Up Challenge opportunities for 2018.
New Business : None

Standing Committee Reports
Benevolence & Mission : Dennis Tavernetti reported that the committee had not yet met formally. However, the annual report for requested benevolence and mission projects had been submitted. 
Discipleship : Dennis Mitchell reported that he is getting to know the members of his committee. He discussed how he plans for the committee to operate, and he reported that it is planning to have regular meetings (on Sundays) at least initially.  He also reported that they are reviewing the performance of Greenville Nannies as our child care provider.
Finance & Stewardship : Mary Pace reported that five (5) line items on the 2018 Operating Budget (that was approved in the December 14, 2017 Stated Session Meeting) needed to be amended based on additional information obtained shortly after such December meeting. She presented a proposed amended 2018 Operating Budget, which reflected and highlighted the following five (5) line items (proposed amendments): 
1) Pledged Contributions,
2) Non-Pledged Contributions,
3) Faith Bridge,
4) Officer Administrator - salary (account # 675)
5) Office Administrator – FICA/Medicare (account # 680)
Such proposed amendments were discussed and approved, and the 2018 Operating Budget, as amended, was approved as presented.
Long-Range Planning : Bob Lewis reported that his committee is formulating plans to establish a memorial (columbarium) wall/garden and that more details are expected at the next meeting. The matter was discussed and it was agreed that Dennis Tavernetti would continue to work with Bob Lewis and the Long-Range Planning Committee on a potential columbarium wall/garden project.
Personnel & Administration: Sherry Ogletree reported that Terri Luzynski had started recently and that the reception to welcome her had gone well. Sherry Ogletree also reported that the vacation schedule in the job description for the Director of Christian Education and Youth was corrected to reflect that such position carries four (4) weeks of vacation rather than two (2) weeks of vacation. Such correction was approved.
Property & Grounds : Lawrence Garabedian reported that his committee had met recently and that Stan Coleman was in the process of passing (to Lawrence Garabedian and Mark Bostian) all of the contact information for individuals/parties/contractors who assist with the upkeep of the building and grounds. Marc Mason further reported that the carillon (musical instrument housed in the bell tower) is in need of repair with a possible repair estimate in the range of $1,600 to $2,000 plus. The committee recommended that the repair expense come from the I/O “Deferred Maintenance” account. 
Spiritual Development & Evangelism : Justin Mullis reminded everyone the 2018 Spiritual Retreat will take place on Palm Sunday weekend and that the guest speaker will be Reverend Dr. Singleton, who will speak on Saturday, March 24 th , and preach on Sunday, March 25 th . Justin Mullis also reported that planning is underway for the annual Trinity spring outing on May 9 th and Trinity’s participation with the Swamp Rabbit 5K run/race on May 4 th
Worship : Jeff Burton reported that his committee had met and that lists (and/or calendars of assignments) had been prepared and circulated for those assisting with worship. 
Finance & Stewardship (continued) relating to Capital Campaign Report: Mary Pace reported that the Building Fund had received approximately $493,000 (total of pledged and unpledged receipts) over the past three (3) years. 
Motion to Adjourn with Prayer : Thomas Barksdale made the motion to adjourn with prayer. Sherry Ogletree seconded the motion. The motion passed. Marc Mason closed the meeting with prayer at 8:20 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Chuck Verdin, Clerk Marc Mason, Moderator
Thank You!

I would like to thank all our church members for keeping me and my surgeon in their prayers, Every thing has gone well. Also the cards have been so appreciated. I have to wear a cervical collar until March 5 but hopefully, then I will be doing great !! Again I am blessed to have all our church prayers for a speedy recovery. 
    — Cathy Ronald 
North Greenville Crisis Ministry

Thank you for your continued support for this ministry.
Their current needs include:

*Mac-n-cheese, soup
*Toilet paper, shampoo
*Soap and toothpaste
Please place donations in the shopping cart in McKinney Hall.
Sermon Audio Files Now Available
To access Sermon Audio on the website:
1) Go to
2) On the menu in the upper right hand corner between the options CALENDAR and CONTACT US you will see an option entitled MEDIA.
3) Roll your mouse over MEDIA and a menu should appear. 
5) It will take you to the iTunes website where you are now on the preview page for the Trinity Podcast. 
6) Click the blue button that reads VIEW IN iTUNES under the green Trinity logo on the left side. 
7) You will receive a prompt to open iTunes. Or if you don’t have it, you will be prompted to download iTunes.
8) For Windows/PC Users: if you already have iTunes on your computer and receive a prompt to download it again, click the gray button to the left of the blue download button indicating that you already have iTunes on your computer and you wish to sign in.  
iTunes will then open to the Trinity Podcast Page.
To receive a copy of each new sermon to your iTunes every week:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, click SUBSCRIBE under the green Trinity logo on the left side.
To receive a copy of a particular sermon to your iTunes:
When you reach the podcast page in iTunes, scroll down the list of sermons and click “GET”
on the right hand side of the sermon you’d like to have a copy of.   

2      Jean Lay
3      Suzanne Messich
        Georgia Blanton
4      Chuck Turner
5      Helen Johnson
        Lisa Tiffany
6      Cathy Ronald
7      Scott Stribling
8      Christian Short
9      Elliott Snow
10    Barbara Willoughby
12    Boots Plyler
13    Gina Hooper
17    Mabry Ann Mullis
18    Todd Childers
19    Delores Canham
       Ben Tiwari
21    Cameron Murr
       Caleb Bennett
        Eric Smith
23    Meredith Turner
       Sherry Ogletree 
25    Bob Lewis
27    John Bishop
If you don’t see your name or the name of someone you love on the birthday list,
please call the office so we can update our list!
Email or call Myriam at 864-834-9897.
Newsletter Deadline: The deadline for newsletter information is the 25th of each month. Please send all information to the church office (834-9897). If you are able, please E-mail info to  
Church Office Hours
9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Monday through Friday