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Have You Checked Out ADAA's New Free Online Support Group?
ADAA recently launched an anonymous free peer-to-peer online support group for individuals who struggle with anxiety and depressive disorders. It's easy to join. There are now 1,000 subscribers! Sign up today and help us spread the word! 
As Valentine Day approaches we want to remind you all to take good care of yourself.

Learn about the link 
between anxiety and other psychological stress for  patients with cardiovascular disease.  Listen to the podcast.

Looking for a Great Valentine's Gift? 

Show your Valentine that you care and also support ADAA  with an  ADAA Stress Relief Kit!  This fun kit includes a backpack, stress ball, magic cube, la nyard, mood bracelet and other fidget toys!  Y our gift to ADAA helps improve the quality of life for millions affected by anxiety, depressive, obsessive-compulsive, and trauma-related disorders through our website's free information and support resources.
Cost:  $15.00 per kit + $4.00 shipping & handling.  Purchase your kit today!

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New Partnerships

The Shaw Mind Foundation is a dynamic global charity, passionate about tackling the stigma that can accompany mental health issues. Their overarching goal is to support anyone who may have lost hope; both the sufferer and those who support them.   Learn more

Search ADAA's Find a Therapist online directory (all professional members of ADAA). 

New! ADAA now offers a listing of all members who provide telemental health. Online therapy, also known as telemental health, is a growing field. A therapist or counselor provides psychological counseling and support over the internet through email, video conferencing, online chat, or a phone call. Learn more and view a list of therapists who provide telemental health.
New ADAA Blog Post

Why is My OCD Worse on Vacation?
by Patricia Thornton, PhD

Many of my patients took an extended holiday over the Christmas/New Year's break. When they returned to treatment in mid-­January most of them reported that their OCD symptoms had worsened... Read more
NIMH Webinars

Mark your calendars to join upcoming webinars about pediatric anxiety disorders and severe irritability being planned by the Emotion and Development Branch of the NIMH Division of Intramural Research Programs.
  These are free and open to the public. 
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February 2017
Now Posted -  Talk Saves Lives 
Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman discusses the topic of suicide; risk factors and contributors to suicide, along with information about suicide prevention and how an individual might recognize warning signs and help someone who is thinking about suicide.   Watch the webinar
Didn't catch the last few webinars? Interested in learning more about a particular topic?  Check out our webinar archive.

Have a webinar topic suggestion? Please let us know.

We shared this important story last June, but felt it was so powerful that it should be shared again!
Depression can affect anyone - men, women, and children - at any point in their lives. And its debilitating effects show up in many different ways. Doug Duncan tells us how depression changed his life.   Read Doug's story.
Each month ADAA will feature a thank you note, or a personal story of triumph. We invite you to share your own story with us or share how ADAA has helped you or a loved one.

A big thank you to "China" Ryan McCarney and 
Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression (AAAD) for  donating $1,355 to ADAA. China suffered from anxiety since he was 22 years old. Years later he came to ADAA searching for resources and answers. After finding the help he needed to triumph over his anxiety and panic he started his own organization. Read China's story...
ADAA in the News

ADAA resources, programs and initiatives as well as many ADAA member experts are frequently quoted/highlighted in national/international news platforms. 

Recent Articles:  

"A Parent's Military Deployment Can Give Children Anxiety and Stress"  -, 01/18/17, by ADAA student member Sarah Krill Willisoton, M.A.

"We're Still in the Wild West Phase of Using Apps to Treat Mental Illness"  - The Huffington Post,  01/10/17, with ADAA member Dr. Michael Van Ameringen.

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