NCC 2021 Impact Report documents progress
amid COVID 19 recovery
News Century Careers has released its 2021 Impact Report, highlighting the creation of substantive new industry and community partnerships and the launch of its Certified Robotics Technician Apprenticeship Program. 

“The progress documented in this report recounts how New Century Careers responsibly reentered a world forever altered by the COVID 19 pandemic, said Neil Ashbaugh, NCC’s president and CEO. “With the adaptability of the NCC staff and trainees who performed admirably, our daily routine eased back to a new normal and gained momentum,” he added.

Throughout the year, 55 trainees enrolled, trainees earned 81 NIMS credentials, a recognized industry standard, and NCC assisted with 19 job placements. With pandemic restrictions lifting, NCC reached a total of 74 schools, community based organizations and companies through tours, in-person visits, virtual presentations, and career events, including an estimated 700 students at 26 schools.

“NCC gratefully acknowledges the strong support of its board, foundations and other funders, its partner companies, and community based and professional organizations,” said Ashbaugh.

The full New Century Careers 2021 Impact Report is accessible online.
NCC and EWCTC team up to promote M2K recruitment in Westmoreland County
NCC and Eastern Westmoreland CTC (EWCTC) have established a joint marketing team to recruit trainees for classes enrolling at NCC’s M2K training site at EWCTC. The team is building upon advertising initiated by NCC in November with plans in 2022 to raise visibility at community events around the county that attract high school students and parents. EWCTC graphics communications students will help create materials that appeal to younger target audiences. 

“Our preliminary data show that most M2K enrollees are recent college graduates or those who tried college but decided on a different career path. We believe there is a lot of opportunity to reach potential trainees who are seeking jobs out of high school, too,” said Ken Pedder, machine tool technology instructor and lead M2K instructor at EWCTC. “There are five machinist jobs available for every one applicant right here in Westmoreland County. NCC’s M2K program offers tuition-free training for these positions. At the same time we are seeing a drain of youth leaving the area,” he reported. 
NCC's workforce message spread through forums and via the media
NCC President and CEO Neil Ashbaugh was among the panelists at the 2022 Manufacturing Works Summit presented by Catalyst Connection and Bank of America on February 23. His session’s topic was “Expanding the Stream of Manufacturing Talent.” This session’s speakers explored the concept of “talent pipeline” with only two access points to a larger “talent stream” with endless entry points. More than 150 workforce development and manufacturing executives attended. NCC also was featured in several recent news reports, a manufacturing workforce segment on WESA Radio and an article in Pittsburgh Magazine.
WFWIB receives grant for Industry Partnerships
to address critical workforce needs
With funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board (WFWIB) will soon host two Industry Partnerships for the Westmoreland-Fayette area’s vital healthcare and manufacturing industries to develop solutions to critical industry needs and challenges. 

The employer-driven partnerships will prioritize their most relevant needs. Collaboration among partners from workforce development, business, education, and economic development will identify available resources and best practices for employers to increase hiring and retention.  

WFWIB’s Industry Partnerships also will collaborate with education partners to develop and enhance curricula that can upskill job seekers looking to enter or advance within the manufacturing or healthcare industries and create a communication channel to connect employers with job seekers and current workers with applicable career interests, experience and training.  
NCC is your training hub! Classes now enrolling!
Congratulations to NCC's latest class of trainees who earned their first NIMS credential. NIMS credentials give trainees a competitive edge when applying for jobs, demonstrating that their skills meet industry established standards.

The next tuition-free Manufacturing 2000 class is scheduled to start on March 21 at NCC's Pittsburgh site. Registration is ongoing at the Eastern Westmoreland CTC site in Latrobe.

Other training options:
  • Registered Robotics Technician Apprenticeship cohorts are forming! The two-year registered apprenticeship program focuses on automation and robotics. Also, NCC provides sponsorship for the four-year Machinist Apprenticeship. Contact Eric Pferdekamper, pferdekamper@nsquared.com, or 412- 745-1014.to enroll!
  • Incumbent Worker Training, also are available. Contact Patrick Bendel at bendel@ncsquared.com or 412-258-6668.

NCC is currently recruiting instructors for training classes. Interested? Click here.
NCC welcomes three new Partner Companies!
Click on the logos to learn more about A.W. Miller, Pittsburgh Steel Processing and Shasta.

NCC provides Partner Companies a source of skilled workers who can help your company grow and adhere to high standards of product quality and customer service. Interested in becoming a Partner Company to build the next generation of machinists? Contact Patrick Bendel at 412-258-6668 or bendel@ncsquared.com.
Get a close-up of manufacturing today!
Visit New Century Careers!
Tours of NCC's Anselmo Training Innovation Center are interesting ways to learn more about manufacturing and the many career options available in the region. Visiting NCC recently were groups from PA Careerlink, Community Empowerment Association, Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Brashear High School and Hello Neighbor. To schedule a tour, click here.
Looking for Machinists?
If you are a manufacturing company in need of trained machinists,
contact New Century Careers at 412-258-6620.
Ways to Support New Century Careers!
Generous supporters like you provide critical resources to help NCC develop the region’s manufacturing workforce giving both new job seekers as well as unemployed and underemployed Southwestern Pennsylvania residents a chance to learn a viable trade and earn a sustainable living wage.

You can always make a monetary donation, or consider these options:
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