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A Note From Kelly


He saw his shadow! That means six more weeks of winter, but don't get too upset. Punxsutawney Phil is only correct 39% of the time. So there's still a chance for an early spring!


Of course, February is probably best known for Valentine's Day. I have sprinkled a few stocks to watch throughout this note that have a crush on - romantic spenders, if you will. This is only for fun, I'm not advising you to buy any of these stocks.


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Introducing Caissa Conversations

Caissa is launching our new quarterly event series, CAISSA Conversations, in March. CAISSA Conversations brings people together for an intimate forum that offers a review of a personal or financial topic and how it relates back to your life. Each quarter, we'll bring a new conversation to the table. Our inaugural event will be on one of the hottest discussions of 2014: Digital Assets, how to protect your online identity and how to transfer it upon your death.


We cordially invite you to attend and hope to see you there!

Caissa Market Update


This time last year the market was worried about an emerging markets meltdown and the impact of the Federal Reserve pullback on so-called quantitative easing. The markets priced the end of the bond purchasing into the markets early and therefore the end had very little effect on the market as a whole.  This January investors are worried about cheap oil and the global economic slowdown.


The energy and financial sectors were the biggest losers for the month of January. Oil fell below $50 for first time in early January and acted as a psychological trigger that spooked investors. This was followed up by earnings reports and announcements from Big Oil showing major cutbacks in spending and operations. There's little doubt that it will be a leaner year ahead in the energy sector.


Financial Data Security Checkup
You can buy a lock for your valuables...but what about protection for your financial data? When it comes to protecting your intangible valuables like credit card information, bank statements and Social Security data, you are your own best line of defense. Use this quick list to make sure your info is protected from financial data thieves' sticky fingers.

Digital Estate Planning
When you think of your estate plan and what's important for you to protect after your death, it's likely that your immediate worries center on your assets with the highest financial or sentimental value-your bank, investment and retirement accounts, home, precious jewelry, family heirlooms and expensive cars or boats. It's important to protect these things, as they can provide significant financial assistance to your family or to charitable organizations. 

However, in today's digital age, focusing only on your largest valuables may cause you to overlook things that you likely use every day, yet never think of in terms of estate planning-your digital assets. Personal assets like your social media accounts or iTunes library can add up to a surprisingly large value, yet 63 percent of those surveyed in 2012 by Rocket Lawyer didn't know what would happen to their digital assets when they die.

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