Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
Although it happened a few years ago, I vividly recall turning 20. I also remember questioning how this could have happened so quickly?

Kids Kicking Cancer began officially in June of 1999, almost twenty years ago! I was presiding over a class of ten children at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan teaching them that they were powerful martial artists and that they could use karate power to help them lower their pain, fear and anger . They were real partners with their doctors in “kicking the cancer” that was threatening their lives. In just a few weeks, the children were transformed from victim to victor. Their parents and doctors were ecstatic. I knew then that this was to be the mission of my life.

In 2018, Kids Kicking Cancer saw over 5,000 children in 60 hospitals in 5 countries.  As attendance was quite difficult, in the early days, to keep in hospitals in which we were not allowed to actually register the children, we can only estimate conservatively, that our techniques have been taught to over 10,000 children across the globe. We now have clarity and tools to grow exponentially. Kids Kicking Cancer has video training modules soon to be in four languages for over 250 martial arts therapists and solid published medical evidence that our techniques are making a significant difference in pediatric care.  We are now ready for the next twenty years of empowering every child in pain to "breathe in the light and blow out the darkness."

As we celebrate our “adulthood” leaving the nineteen years behind us, we are now focused on building the tools to reach over one million children by 2025. Thank you for being a partner in this journey!

Power, Peace, Purpose,
Carmen's Journey
Carmen is 6 years old and was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia after a routine doctor’s visit. Thanks to her sister being a 100% match, Carmen had a bone marrow transplant this past summer.

Thankfully, during her hospital stay the Kids Kicking Cancer team has visited Carmen frequently and it has become a significant part of her recovery. She has learned breathing techniques to help her through painful situations like dressing changes, shots, and surgeries. This program gives her something to look forward to every week. As her parents, we enjoy watching her learn and be active. We love to see how the Senseis lift her spirits and empower her to continue to have the strength & endurance to get better.

We are forever grateful for the support that Kids Kicking Cancer has given to Carmen and other children like her.

-Carmen's Parents
Breath Brake ® Seminar at
United Shore / United Wholesale Mortgage
Rabbi G, Sensei Richard, and our powerful Heroes Circle students taught the United Shore / United Wholesale Mortgage Staff about Power Peace Purpose .
President's Day Outing to the Henry Ford Museum
Thank you to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation for providing a day of learning and exploration for Kids Kicking Cancer families. The families had a great time at the museum!
Kids Kicking Cancer South Africa Celebrates
International Cancer Day
In honor of International Cancer Day, Pizza Hut provided lunch to Kids Kicking Cancer families in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Kids Kicking Cancer
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