February 2017
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Who We Are
As a Mass DMH Research Center of Excellence, SPARC aims to improve the mental and behavioral health of all citizens of Massachusetts and beyond.
Transitions RTC
A division of SPARC, the Transitions RTC promotes the full participation in socially valued roles of transition-age youth and young adults (ages 14-30) with serious mental health conditions.
What We Do
SPARC and Transitions RTC are committed to transferring knowledge and insights gained through rigorous research to improve the lives of people with lived mental health experience.

We conduct Participatory Action Research, an all-inclusive approach that ensures that every aspect of our research incorporates the voices of those with lived mental health experience. 
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Deaf 101: How to Navigate Clinical Interactions with
Deaf Sign Language Users
March 27th at 1 to 2pm
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Undocumented College Students, Social Exclusion, and Psychosocial Well-being
Research into how non-citizen status affects young DREAMers.
Paternal Postpartum Depression
Dads get sad too. Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of paternal depression among new dads.
What is Participatory Action Research?
SPARC and Transitions RTC researcher Jonathan Delman discuss the approach of including the people who are most likely to benefit from research in the process of creating the research itself, and why it is critical to do so.
Nancy Byatt
Nancy Byatt is a nationally recognized researcher in maternal mental health. Dr. Byatt's research focuses on developing innovative ways to improve the implementation and adoption of evidence-based treatment for pregnant and postpartum women. For her full bio, click here

Dr. Byatt is a founding blogger and frequent contributor to Care for Your Mind . CFYM is a collaboration with the American Brain Coalition and the National Network of Depression Centers.
In the News
On January 20, SPARC researcher Rosalie Torres Stone spoke at Clark University's MLK Racial Justice Teach-In about the well-being of undocumented college students.
The bottom line is that these students didn't choose this life. They're still people, and their immigration status doesn't define who they are. They may be undocumented, but they grew up immersed in American culture.

Upcoming Events
March 5-8

Come see us in Tampa!
SPARC and Transitions RTC will be attending and presenting at the 30th Annual Research & Policy Conference Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health Conference.
If you are there, please come say hello.