February 28th, 2019


We hope that the 2nd month of 2019 has been amazing! It sure has been for us and we have some super exciting updates we can’t wait to share with you....

  1. We are finishing up editing 6 episodes of our first Oaxis gameshow. 

  1. We are building the set for our first ‘Kids’ Art Show’ that we will begin production starting Monday, March 4th. 

  1. We are building a creative team around us so we are ready to roll for our first round of funding.

  1. Our platform - the fancy electronic internet stuff that will make OAXIS run - is currently being built and it’s so exciting to see this come to life! We CANNOT wait to give you all a sneak preview as we get closer to finalizing our first visual concepts. 

  1. We just have to share that everyday something amazing happens with Oaxis Entertainment.  Some days it’s a phone call from a potential investor, some days it’s an email from a super- creative person who wants to get involved and some days it’s simply a meeting with someone who will play an important future role with the growth of Oaxis.

No matter how it comes to us - the exciting part is that it comes to us ! Oaxis Entertainment is going to change culture, show people that we really do care and bring joy and laughter back into the hearts of people and families that love entertainment. 

Thanks for always believing in us and thanks for your prayers and your encouragement. It means a lot to the Oaxis Entertainment team!

Stay tuned for future updates! Lots more to come-


Butch & Julieann Hartman