2021 Pandemic Masonry Part II
Meeting Rules During the Pandemic:
  • Stay home if you're not feeling well!
  • Stay home if you're at all nervous about being in a room with others
  • The lodge will have facemasks available, but you are encouraged to bring your own if you feel the need
  • Wash your hands regularly- there will be hand sanitizer available and as always soap and hot water!
  • Don't feel the need to shake everybody's hands
  • If Clermont County goes Purple all events are cancelled and virtual meetings will be used
February Stated Meeting & Education Session
Tuesday, February 16th Will Be Virtual!
Forecasts still saying large amounts of snow and high winds to add fun to the evening!
In an abundance of caution the decision has been made to go ahead and make the decision early to switch the format of the February Stated Meeting to a virtual session. we will send a second email Monday afternoon from the Grand Lodge of Ohio's Grandview System to provide the password protected link per the Grand Lodge Edicts to every member of the lodge.
The decision was made after reviewing the amount of ice on our parking lot before the additional snow adds to the existing totals. With temperatures being so cold we're also concerned about the safety of members trying to make it to the meeting.

If you haven't experienced one of our virtual meeting all you have to do is click the link in the email coming from the Grand Lodge's Grandview system. Please ensure that you are the only person who can hear or see your computer, tablet, or smart phone during this meeting.
If you haven't registered on the Grand Lodge of Ohio's Grandview system this would be a great time to do so! Click on this button to go there now!
Inspection Complete
On Friday, February 5th the officers of J. B. Covert Lodge successfully conferred the Fellow Craft Degree on our candidate.

The degree work and records of the lodge all passed the inspector's criteria with flying colors. Even though the current Covid restrictions limited our attendance it was still a great night of Masonry.
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