Coyote Update
There have been a number of coyote sightings recently. January through March is breeding season for coyotes and wildlife in general, so there is heightened activity during this time.  If you see a coyote, please contact  Mississauga Animal Services, advising them of the location, date and time of the sighting.

Peel Regional Police are also aware of the coyotes in the area. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call 911.
Visit the  Animal Services website for information on coyotes and how to avoid conflict.

Also, click on this  link for an informative coyote presentation held at Clarkson Community Centre last year.

Quick Tips if you encounter a coyote:
  • stay calm and wait until it moves away
  • do not turn your back or run (like a dog, this may cause it to chase you)
  • if you are approached, stand tall, wave your arms, make yourself as large as possible
  • clap, yell, shout loudly, throw something or make startling movements (coyotes avoid scary situations)
  • carry a flash light, audible alarm or an umbrella you can open to startle it
  • carry a cellphone 
Ward 2 Major Development Applications
There have been a number of new Ward 2 major development applications submitted. Please click on this link for the location, project description and status of each project. 
   Put the "150" in Your Event!
Planning on hosting a neighbourhood event or block party in Mississauga in 2017? Get a Neighbourhood Celebration Kit to help you put the "150" in your event!

Neighbourhood Celebration Kits are a great combination of "functional, fun and free" items to enhance your event. Kits are available for eligible groups hosting outdoor events taking place between March and December 2017. 

Who can request a Neighbourhood Celebration Kit?
  • Outdoor events that are neighbourhood focused (by the community for the community).
  • Outdoor events hosted on City of Mississauga Property (parks, green spaces and streets) or identified Peel Living locations.
  • Events must be free and open to all members of the neighbourhood.
  • Existing small neighbourhood events and or new celebration requests.

The Kits are not for:

  • Individual requests, private/corporate events or picnics, school events, family barbecues, parties or picnics.
  • Cause or fundraising related events.
  • Sports Events, large festivals and events.

Not sure? Email us at

Limit of one (1) Neighbourhood Celebration Kit per event request on a first come basis, while supplies last. Please allow 30 days processing time. Kits will be sent to closest community centre for groups to pick up.

Click here to request a Neighbourhood Celebration Kit!

Willow Glen Site Update
As a result of delays in the demolition work, the closing of the Agreement to Purchase and Sale at the Willow Glen School site has been delayed until the end of May, when any outstanding grading/sodding work can be completed.

I will be working with staff to organize a Public Information Session in the Spring.
Connect to Peel
The 2017 budget helps to advance the Region's vision of a Community for Life by adding:
  • 22,500 more Accessible Transportation trips for residents with disabilities
  • 2 additional ambulances to respond to 5,500 9-1-1 calls
  • More police officers to keep Peel's communities safe
  • A new youth shelter in Brampton
  • Affordable housing for 205 additional households
  • 4,750 more households receiving safe clean water

The 2017 Budget does all this with a property tax increase of less than 1% and a utility rate increase of 5%.

Find out more .    
Events at the Museums
There are several upcoming events and exhibitions at our Ward 2 museums. 

iAM Exhibition:
Saturday, February 4th, noon. Explore the concept of home at the Bradley Museum. Take part in a storytelling experience expressed through audio and still images created by newcomer youth. Click here for more information.   
There are also Family Day events, to be held on Monday, February 20 at both Bradley Museum and Benares. For full details visit:
Upcoming Community Information Sessions:

Community Engagement Strategy Workshops: These workshops will be interactive discussions on how well the City currently consults with residents and how engagement can be done better. 

Community Workshop #1: February 7th, 9 am - noon, Mississauga Valley Community Centre, 1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd. 

Community Workshop #2: February 23rd, 9 am - noon, Meadowvale Community Centre, 6655 Glen Erin Dr. 

To register, please visit

Paramedic Station Open House: February 21st, 7 pm, Lorne Park Hall, 1288 Lorne Park Rd.