February is Heart Health Month. What steps are you taking to improve your heart health?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women of all ethnicities in the United States.  Taking practical steps to improve heart health through  regular exercise, proper nutrition, acupuncture and regular chiropractic care can prevent and control heart disease. Meditation is also a great way to unwind and relieve the pressures of the day.  New research confirms a link between depression and cardiovascular disease (see article below), so addressing mental health is also an important component of a heart health plan.   

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We thank you for letting us be a part of your wellness journey and wish you all a very happy   
                           -- Dr. Keri Chiappino and D r. W. Brent Reynolds
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ADHD and Fatigue -- Rebooting the Brain with Neurofeedback 

People with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often seem to have boundless energy.  But contrary to appearances, ADHD can be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting.   Being  in an environment that necessitates self-control and patience can be draining; conforming to the rigid schedules in the workplace may take all the strength someone with ADHD can muster.  

Left untreated, many of the symptoms associated with attention disorders can worsen over time. ADHD-related fatigue can impact daily living, making simple tasks overwhelmingly impossible to accomplish. Disorganization, frustration and potential self-esteem issues are a common outcome for undiagnosed ADHD.

Retraining rogue brain waves that underlie ADHD can help get the brain into a normal rhythm,or brain-wave pattern, helping to overcome stress and fatigue-producing hyperactivity and impulsivity. Neurofeedback has the added benefit of enabling quality restorative sleep which aids in recharging the brain. 

A neurological exam and a QEEG brain map provide objective findings to determine whether there is a relationship between the fatigue you are feeling and ADHD.   Check out Dr. Chiappino's video above by clicking here; then call us to discover if neurofeedback brain-wave training can help reduce your fatigue, overcome your ADHD symptoms and balance your life.  Take advantage of our February special:$50 off an initial QEEG brain map this month.

Acupuncture: Effective Healing for Arthritis Flare-Ups 

The winter months are tough on the average person, but for those who suffer with arthritis, the bone-chilling cold and damp weather can be brutal. 

Arthritis is a pervasive disease characterized by painful, stiff and swollen joints that are tender the touch.  For those lucky to escape to southern climates during an extended cold snap, the warm temperature and ability to maintain a regular exercise routine can be the best prescription for pain relief; for oth ers who tough out t he harsh northern temps, managing symptoms become more difficult as the instinct to hibernate and reduce physical activity causes further stiffening of already achy, swollen joints.   

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are western medicine's approach to managing arthritis, however evidence has emerged in recent years that these drugs raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, and can cause kidney problems, stomach ulcers and bleeding. In addition, NSAIDs provide only temporary pain relief.  Once the medication wears off, the pain returns.  More significantly, they do nothing to improve the underlying condition.

Studies show that acupuncture is an effective therapy for arthritis, possessing not only pain relief qualities, but actual healing abilities. Thin acupuncture needles placed strategically throughout the body stimulate the production of pain-suppressing endorphin hormones, block pain signal transmission
to the brain via the nervous system and deactivate tender trigger points that develop within the muscles.  Acupuncture heals the inflamed tissue, thereby reduci ng pain and hel ping to improve mobility.  This ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine is an effective healing therapy that produces virtually no side effects, no contraindications, and promotes relaxation of both the body and the mind.

Make an appointment with Lori Fortunato, LAc this month to experience for yourself the healing powers of acupuncture.  $25 off your initial visit for private pay patients. Please call 631.265.1223 for more info.

How can you mend a broken heart?  Try screening for depression. 

A new German study confirms what has long been suspected -- that depression is a definite contributing factor to heart disease.  In fact, the two go hand-in-hand, each having the ability to lead to the other.  
Researchers found that chronically elevated "fight or flight" stress level hormones triggered by depression can be as dangerous to heart health as the "Top Five" risk factors:  smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes and obesity. 

Once solely considered a mental health disorder, depression is now known to have a very real physical impact on heart health, accounting for approximately 15 percent of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease deaths, just behind smoking  (between 17% and 20%) and high blood pressure (between 30% and 34%).   Authors of the study recommend mental health screening in patients with heart disease risk factors to determine if depression may be one of them. 

It's important for people with depression to take steps to prevent heart disease. Light exercise like walking or yoga can help lower blood pressure, harmful cholesterol levels and weight, and has the added benefit of improving mood. Neurofeedback is another option for retraining abnormal brain-waves that often underlie depression. And, of course, counseling can help break through depression's deep despair, teaching methods to cope with feelings, and helping to change behaviors that may contribute to the depression. Contact our office to learn about a whole-body approach to heart health and mental health.

Send Y our Valentine the Gift of Health
C hocolate and  gold may be  all the rage on Valentine's Day, but if you really want to show your loved one your affection, give the gift of health -- and get a gift for yourself in return!  

Simply share with us the names of family members or friends that you would like to introduce to the benefits of Chiropractic Neurological care and we'll send a "Chiro-tine" from you, good for $75 off an initial chiropractic visit or a BrainCore  QEEG brain map.
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Boost Your Child's Learning Potential -- Naturally! 

Are focus and attention a challenge for you or your child?  Are you tired of struggling to get things done?

Many parents and children living with ADHD become frustrated with the inability to focus and see things through to fruition.  Homework time can seem endless; simple projects/tasks become monumental endeavors, leading to frustration and oftentimes altercations.

Luckily there's hope, in the form of non-drug brain-wave training.  Learn how to improve brain function and maximize your child's learning potential with neurofeedback -- click here to attend my free ADHD webinar
Winter Break is February 18-25th 
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Our office will be closed for  c hiropractic services  only from Saturday February 18th through Saturday February 25th.  
Acupuncturemassage and  BrainCore appointments will continue to be held during regularly scheduled times throughout the week. 

We also wanted to take this opportunity to give a quick reminder about our Thursday office hours  -- Dr. Chiappino alternates working in the NYC and Smithtown offices on Thursdays, so please verify your appointment prior to coming to the office.

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Ask us About the Benefits 
of Essential Oils!

Essential oil s have many uses as natural remedies for  a variety of health  conditions. We often use these oils for aromatherapy in conjunction with our chiropractic adjustments.

Contact our office to learn about t he many l ife-enhancing benefits of therapeut ic-grade essential  oils and to purchase a supply for you and your family.  Essential oils can make a great Valentine's gift!

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