February, 2016

Issue #72

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Placing an Order

Cranberry will be placing an order on Friday, February 19th. If there is anything specific you need, let Lori know before the 19th.

Bevel Blowout!      



We have a big stock of bevels and bevel kits in inventory and we are selling them at rock-bottom prices starting today! Come in early for the best selection. Lets just say, they won't be getting any cheaper.
Glass Craft and Bead Expo, Vegas Baby!    

I am getting so excited! I think this is my 5th time going to Vegas for the Glass show. I am signed up for courses day and night with a big focus on different techniques in painting. I finally got into Peter McGrain's class. I am so looking forward to it. The Business floor is always great. I get to catch up with lots of my suppliers and see what is new and exciting in the industry, not to mention hobnobbing with all the glass artists your read and hear about in magazines and videos.

I have a few Vegas newbies from Atlantic Canada going as well. I will be showing them the ropes and hopefully will not have to bail anyone out.

I am staying on a few extra days and meeting up with an old friend to take in some of the sites and shows Las Vegas has to offer! Rod Stewart, David Copperfield and Cirque Du Soleil "Love" (Beatles) just to name a few!

I will be posting on Facebook and Twitter for those of you interested.
Individual & 
Small Group
Lately we have had quite a demand for daytime one-on-one instruction. From Beginners Foil & Solder to more advanced fusing. Call for scheduling of classes or individual instruction.

Lori is looking for people who would like a group course in:
  • Lead Came
  • Introduction to painting on glass.
  • Drop Form Molds
  • Kiln Formed Pattern Bars

Minimum 3 people and no more than 6.


Scheduling and pricing will be available once she is back from Las Vegas (Early April). Let Lori know if you are interested in any of those courses. If there are several people interested,
scheduling will be prioritized.
Remember, if you are coming in from out of town, the Coastal Inn & Suites next door has a special price for Cranberry students.

Check with Penny or Lori for all other course schedules for Foil & Solder and Introduction to Fusing.
Social Media Space

Cranberry tries very hard to put together an interesting mix of projects, ideas, applications, inspiration, humour and a little personality in all our Social Media vehicles. Check them out and let us know if you "Like" it.

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Happy Valentines day_

2016 is off to a great, if somewhat unusual, start. We have been busy with removal, crating and refitting jobs usually reserved for the warmer months. Lori and Suzanne donned their trusty long johns and hit the road. In the studio, classes are relatively busy and custom work is steady. 
Our biggest concern is the exchange rate for the Canadian versus the US dollar. As most of you know, there is no glass made in Canada and most supplies come from the States. Cranberry uses wholesalers in both countries; though, the Canadian ones have no option but to get their products from the States. There is no escaping or circumventing the darn thing! Luckily all our lead and solder products are manufactured in Canada and we buy them from a Canadian supplier. 
Needless-to-say, prices have jumped and, as much as we would like to apologize for them, we cannot. Please keep in mind that if you order directly from the US, you will have to pay credit card exchange rate prices, shipping, HST, brokerage, and sometimes duty on your order. This often amounts to more than the cost of your initial order. Please keep in mind that purchasing from Cranberry will be cheaper than buying directly yourself because we have more buying power, larger orders and those additional costs are absorbed at a lower rate overall. As well, Cranberry is able to navigate the ins and outs of ORMD (chemical transport) restrictions that might tie you up in red tape.
In an effort to keep costs down, Cranberry does try to place larger "truck" orders twice a year with a few minor orders as required. We make every effort to let you know when we are doing that so you can make special requests. Customer service, something Cranberry takes very seriously, is a value that should not be overlooked.
On that note, Cranberry will be placing an order on Friday February 19. If there is anything special you need, or are dying to try, please contact Lori before the 19th. She will do her best to bring it in for you.

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Lori, Penny and the Cranberry Crew
Sharing Our Passion For Glass


Forensic Glass Specialists      


I love that title. One of our Facebook followers dubbed us "Forensic Glass Specialists"


This is a window that we are restoring. There are several pieces missing and lots of broken pieces. The hard part is figuring out what goes where and what exactly is missing. Maybe with the use of some old photos we can make this look like the original.


It will be on the table for a while so you're welcome to drop in anytime to see our progress.


If you are interested in following along with this project, you can get pictures and regular updates on our Facebook Page. Just Click here:                                       Like us on Facebook

St. Andrew's Memorial Window 

Mary Buckrell passed away one year ago this month. Before she died, she and husband George gave the generous gift of a new kitchen to Saint Andrew's United Church, Halifax. To commemorate this and to remind everyone of Mary's passion for gardening, Penny designed and built this almost six foot long window to bring colour and joy to the room, just as Mary did throughout her life.  

Cranberry often constructs inserts to fit perfectly in front of new or existing thermal pane windows. We have a smart aluminum installation system that blends perfectly with the surrounding framing material - a method often preferable to hanging a panel from hooks and chains.

Cone Art Kilns come in a whole range of sizes.
Canadian Kilns...Eh?
Kiln Pricing
Just a thought if you are planning on purchasing a kiln: talk to us and buy Canadian. Cranberry is the area distributor for Canadian-made, Cone Art Glass Kilns. The US dollar exchange is certainly wrecking havoc on prices in all areas. All kiln prices will be going up eventually due to some of the materials that go into making them, ie, controllers, but the manufacturing costs are all Canadian!

Cone Art Kilns are ALL CSA approved, extremely well constructed, great prices and supported locally by yours truly.

Contact Cranberry to answer any kiln questions. We service all makes of glass firing kilns.
Well, it has been a little while since our last newsletter and hopefully we have not overwhelmed you with everything that is going on at Cranberry. It is our great pleasure to put these newsletters together and we hope you enjoy them. 

You are always welcome to drop into the studio to see what we have on the tables and to visit.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your Stained Glass experience. We are always open for suggestions.
Lori Nason & Penny Bedal
Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply
Save Big!
Techniglass Fusing Paper

Regular: $5./sheet (20.5"sq),  Sale:$2./sheet
10 sheets for $18

Discontinued product. 
Ask for special instruction at the time of purchase.
Kiln Fusing Paper just is not this photogenic. LOL
Offer Expires: when stock runs out