Vol. 3, No. 2
Be comfortable in your own Spring.
What We're Doing
We’re advertising again on Facebook. Have you have seen our ads?
Lots of “likes” and shares:
We are working on the storage attachment that you have
asked for, and which we know you need. We are gathering
feedback on our prototype from people who use rollators.

As we did when we developed Spring, we are putting a lot of energy
and care into the design. We will update you as we reach milestones.
Do you have questions about your Spring?
Are you thinking of buying Spring, but need to research it a little more?
We are planning to offer a webinar for you.

A webinar is an Internet-based video program in which you can
watch and hear a live demonstration. You can ask questions,
but no other participants know your identity. You can
submit your questions ahead of time, or during the program,
and we will answer in real time. We will store our webinars
on our website in case you can’t participate during the live show.

Let us know if you are interested at info@foraydesign.com  
Product Feature of the Month:
Continuous Handlebar
The continuous handlebar lets you find the
most comfortable place for each hand.
Do you have arthritis, stroke, or other limitations of your arm
strength or hand grip? If so, you probably cannot use the
traditional two-handled walker with caliper brakes.  
Although Spring does require some core and shoulder strength,
the user can find the most comfortable position for each hand. 
Certain people who have little or no use of one arm can use Spring.
The handlebar has a soft finish that is easy on your hands.
We recommend that you consult your rehabilitation doctor or physical therapist as to whether this is appropriate. But we also have a generous
60-day return policy (check our website or call us for specifics).
What We're Thinking
People wonder where to buy a walker. You can go to a
medical/surgical supply store. Often it’s inconvenient,
and generally it’s not an upbeat shopping experience.

Your local drug store might have something in stock in the
medical equipment section. Chances are there is no floor model
to try out, and it may need to be assembled at home. And like the surgical supply stores, the merchandising puts all disabilities, and disabled
people, in the same customer demographic. (Not!)

You can buy a walker online on Amazon. There is quite a range
available, although to our eyes the $500 version looks a lot like the $92 version. How are you supposed to know the difference from a
thumbnail picture and a few lines of text?

You can buy a walker from on-line stores like Foray Design. We ship via
UPS in the US, and you will have your Spring within 3 to 5 business days.

One problem with online purchases is – what if you don’t like it?
Read the return policy of the vendor carefully before you buy.
We offer a 60-day return. You can see our full policy here .
Also, you might have questions before you buy a walker.
(Try asking Amazon!) You can call us at 1-833-693-6729, Monday
through Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm Eastern time. You can also join one
of our webinars (see the "What We’re Doing" section above).

We take pride in helping people decide if Spring is right for them.
Sometimes when we talk with a potential customer, we will agree
that our product might not be right for their specific needs.
We would rather miss a sale now and then than have you stuck
with something that doesn’t work for you.

At Foray Design, we’re not about moving product. We’re about moving people.
What We're Reading
Louise Aronson’s “Elderhood” is unusual in a crowded field of
“ageing-lit” for its wisdom, logic, and life knowledge. Dr. Aronson
is a geriatrician who brings her insights into the experience of her
patients as well as pointed analysis of policy and cultural failures—and solutions. She is no Pollyanna and yet her book brims with hope.

Here’s a little anecdote (her book is full of them):
“Two patients of mine had to start using a walker in the same
short space of time. Neither was particularly happy about it.
Helena refused to go out. She didn’t want to be seen as old
(something that seemed obvious to me, walker or not). Esther asked
if she could reschedule our appointment. She was going to the movies
with a friend, it took her a bit longer to get around…”
Write to us at info@foraydesign.com

Or call us at: (833) MY-FORAY
(833) 693- 6729
See you in March!
Your Foray Design Team,
Patricia Kavanagh, M.D.
Ioannis Rutledge
Jody Day
Colin Touhey
Hal Ebbott
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