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February 26. 2019
Wow, it is snowi ng again here in Kingston.  I always love the fresh coat of snow on the ground,  just keeps reminding me of what Jesus has done for me, making me White as Snow to my Heavenly Father.  #PRAISE GOD!

Some would think that this is our "Slow Season" but we are anything but slow right now.  This is our "Season of Planning".  We are preparing for upcoming program season.  

While we have had a few groups out for Outdoor Ed the season begins ramping up in March. 

Summer Staff recruiting is in full swing and we are still in need of a couple of male group leaders (counselors) .   If you know of anyone that would like a summer filled of WINS let me know.  

Ben and Lindsay attended the NLOMA Conference in Tuscon Arizona. ( I know must be rough, Tuscon in February)   Lindsay was asked to present on our Outdoor Education Program and the presentation was a hit.  Lindsay will be visiting a couple of our sister camps and showing them more in depth what makes our OE program exemplary.  

Guest Services and Maintenance have been busy deep down cleaning, painting and need I mention PLOWING, PLOWING and PLOWING!
We have many fun new things planned for this year's summer camp.  Can anyone say LIVE FOOSBALL???  Other new surprises will be revealed soon.

Our focus group has completed phase one of the plan.  In March I will be meeting with our Board of Directors to distill the data and begin working on our tuned up Vision, Mission and Values statements.  I have come to the conclusion that  A great Mission Statement is critical to all entities.  Currently I am driving my family crazy because I now believe our family needs a mission statement., my Band-mates--Same thing!

God has blessed us so much here that it is hard to put it all into words,  I just want to pray 

Thank you God for the blessing of this special place "Walcamp"  please continue helping me and guiding us to what your will is.  Thank you for blessing Walcamp with an amazing staff that continually demonstrates your love to your guests.  Thank you for dying and rising again to conquer death.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Call me anytime to talk WalCamp, the weather, or just about anything.

Bill Indelli
Executive Director
815-784-5141 x 111

How can you partner  Walcamp in Mission?
One of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked is "What does Walcamp Need?"

Besides things listed on our Wish List 
 there are many other wishes.  (God always gives us what we need in plentiful bounty)

Here are a few wishes:
  • Help on Worker Bee Weekend May 17th-19th    (We have a large beautification project  planed  but will need lots of hands)
  • Small groups to help put together retreats that would be valuable  to all of us in our Discipleship walk.  e.g.  A couple of men's groups that would be willing to be the seeds of a Father-Son retreat. (Please call me to discuss further)
  • Volunteers for our Camp Agape retreats and summer camps.  
  • Share our Summer Camp program with all of your friends via Facebook, email and even word of mouth.  I am praying for a very full year this year and need your help to succeed.  
  • Opportunities to visit with congregations and small groups to share the unbelievable benefits of Camp Ministry.
  •  I HEART MY CAMPERS- Our Recurring Gift Program.
If you would like to help in any of these areas or if you have any ideas please give me a call at 815-784-5141 or reply to this email with your phone number and I will give you a call to discuss!
Summer Camp 2019-Life ROCK
Our theme for Summer 2019 will complement the National Youth Gathering.

In Psalms and elsewhere, God is described as a Rock and a Refuge. Campers this summer will explore concrete, physical aspects of nature - rocks - to ground spiritual discussions about a present - yet invisible - God. Inspired by the 2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering: "Real. Present. God." Life Rock looks at the reality of this almighty, invisible God in our lives, and compares the different types of prayer we can use when communicating with Him.

Summer Camp Discounts
Bring a Friend to Camp
Both Registrations
Must be your friends first time at Camp.
Offer Expires 02/15/2019. To redeem register both campers online and pay $75 deposit.  Call the office with the names and discount will be applied.
Do you have a family member attending the National Youth Gathering?
  If so we know that this is an expensive year for you.   Walcamp would like to help by offering you $75 off Summer Camp in 2019.  To redeem please register online and pay $75 deposit.  Call the office and let them know and you will receive a $75 discount on your summer camp registration.
Youth Gathering Discount

Offer Expires 02-15-2019.-To redeem register online for summer camp,  pay $75 deposit and call the Walcamp office to have discount applied.
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