eNews : February 2019
Whitcomb Woodland
Photo of winter woods by Stacy Cibula
A special place full of memories

Most people have a place full of fond childhood memories. For siblings Charlie Domina and Judy Dimock, Whitcomb Woodland is that special place. As kids, they spent a lot of time exploring the 60 acres owned by their family-playing in the woods, climbing trees, and enjoying the wildlife. But how could they keep it that way for others now that it's time to sell the land?

"It's an important piece of property for Keene. It's close to the center of town, but it's really still quite rural. It will be nice to maintain it that way." - Charlie Domina, landowner
Don't Feed the Deer
Photo of a white-tailed deer by Gordon Dietzmann
It may do more harm than good
While it may be tempting to feed the deer this winter, New Hampshire Fish and Game urges you not to. Feeding deer can be dangerous for them as well as us, leading to aggression, disease, and a higher rate of vehicle collisions. Find out what the best strategy is for long-term health management of New Hampshire's deer population. 

Snow, Rain, Melt, Freeze, and Then Bare Ground
Photo of snowy field by Emily Hague
Is this winter's cycle a sign of the times?

Reports released this winter say that climate change will reduce snowfall at higher elevations all across the country, with precipitation falling more often as rain. Sound familiar? Fortunately, land conservation provides hope by maintaining nature's ability to capture heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide and mitigate the effects of extreme weather. 

Save the Date! Stories About This Place
Saturday, March 30, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
It continues to be a crowd pleaser... you're invited to join the fun at our 5th annual storytelling event. It's an unpolished yet rich evening filled with tender recollections, humorous musings, anecdotes, and insights into things that comprise life in and around the Monadnock region. Stay tuned as this year's speakers are announced later this winter.

Buying Local Adds Up
Image of paper bag full of groceries
Shop for groceries and support the Conservancy too
This month, when you shop at Nature's Green Grocer Market & Café in Peterborough, N.H., you can help support the Conservancy too. When you spend $50 or more, you'll receive a wooden coin to deposit in the box labeled "Monadnock Conservancy." The Conservancy receives a donation for the total value of the coins deposited.

Photo of Ryan Owens by Alyssa Salerno
If you believe in the work we do and want to leave a conservation legacy that will last long after you are gone, you may want to consider making the Conservancy part of your estate plan. It's easier than you think!

We would be honored to work with you and your advisors to carry out your wishes, and our development director, Lindsay Taflas, and I are always available to answer your questions. Simply pick up the phone and call, or send me an email.

With gratitude,

Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens
executive director
603-357-0600, ext. 103
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Photos: Emily Hague, Stacy Cibula, Gordon Dietzmann, Emily Hague, MC files, clip art, and Alyssa Salerno.
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