We've created four new modular Raman spectroscopy system bundles spanning the visible to NIR. Read more to determine the best excitation wavelength for your application, from 1064 nm excitation to minimize fluorescence to 638 nm for maximum SERS flexibility.

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Capture the power of NIR in the palm of your hand! Learn how our new Flame-NIR spectrometer can be used with chemometric analysis to unlock the rich chemical information available in the NIR portion of the spectrum. With low noise and low power, Flame-NIR delivers.

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In this project, we created an OceanView schematic for Vis-NIR absorbance measurement of curcumin, one of the active ingredients of the popular spice turmeric.

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Unfamiliar with fluorescence spectroscopy as an analytical technique? From environmental sensing to biomedical research, fluorescence is useful for detection, identification and quantification. Begin your exploration here with our videos and application notes.

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Interchangeable slits and an optional internal shutter are now available on QE Pro and NIRQuest spectrometers. Adjusting slit size allows users to adapt throughput and resolution; internal shuttering manages dark measurements when external shuttering is not feasible.

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First Person Science

Dr. Chetan Patil discusses the appeal of math and how his work using Raman spectroscopy helps diagnose liver and kidney disease.

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Atlanta, GA USA
March 6 - 10, 2016

Where does stray light come from? How does it affect an absorbance measurement? How can it be measured? This introductory tech tip will acquaint you with the basics of stray light, and provide tips on how to minimize its effect on your absorbance measurements.

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The ultra-compact Spark spectral sensor (380-700 nm) is ideal for measuring color-inducing reagents such as pH indicators. Available in OEM and stand-alone versions, Spark can be embedded into handheld instruments and testing systems for life sciences applications.

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SPIE Photonics Europe
Brussels, Belgium
April 5 6, 2016

ACS Spring 2016
Booth 1019
San Diego, CA, USA
March 13 - 17, 2016

Dubai, UAE
March 20 23, 2016


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