Your February Shalom School E News Is Here!
Tu B'Shvat is February 10th
Celebrate the new year of the trees by enjoying some delicious fruits with family and friends!

Ms.Josie: PreK/K has welcomed two new students to our class! We have also been enjoying learning about Jewish values such as tzedekah and hachnasat orchim. The class has painted and decorated our own mezuzahs, too, to hang at home.

Mrs. Lisa :  January was a short but fun month for the 1st grade HebrewSaurs. The children learned about Joseph and David while relating their stories to making good choices in our daily lives. They created artistic coats, Shema nightstand pictures, and explored sensory learning with Hebrew letters.

Mrs. Michelle: The second grade class spent the has been very busy learning about Jacob, his brother and his family, and we are gearing up to learn all about Joseph. We made "cuppets", or cup puppets, to retell the story of Jacob and Esau and Jacob and his wives. We've been busy working on Hebrew as well.

Ms. Brina: The 3rd and 4th grade class is just as energetic and eager to learn as ever! They love hands-on arts and crafts, as well as bible stories, which is perfect for our semester project which is making our very own Torahs. 

Ms. Amanda: The 5th grade began learning about the country of Israel. We learned about the rain forest that was created in the desert of Eilat and used Google Earth to virtually tour other areas of the country. We also learned about the story of Hanukkah with a focus on the need to rely on intelligence, community, and faith when facing a difficult challenge.

Ms. Emma : This month our class has been focusing on Jewish immigration to the US. We have done several activities that help students to imagine what it is like coming in to a place where you do not speak the langua ge. We have also been hard at work learning prayers and blessings for future Bar Mitzvahs.

Join us March 1st @ Henny Penny

A Big thank you to the Scribble Art Studio side of Henny Penny Cafe for donating a percentage of their proceeds to Shalom School.
Whether you meet up with friends after Shalom School and go as a group, or go at another point over the weekend, all art purchases that weekend will help support our school - Art projects from $7& up . Make sure to mention Shalom School and say thank you! 

Tot Shalom is back
February 16th 9:30-10:30am
For children 4 and under
Join us for a session filled with play, songs, snacks and fun! Great opportunity to meet other families!
Did you miss our Parent Brunch?
We hosted our second annual Parent Brunch last Sunday. This is a small gesture to show our parents how much we appreciate them and the value they put on the Jewish education of out students. The brunch was the perfect opportunity for our families to engage in an adult environment and learn about each other and form relationships.
Thank You Chef Jeffery Quasha, for such a great meal !
Farewell to Ms Amanda

We all gather Sunday to wish Ms Amanda goodbye and best of luck in your new adventure.

After working for Shalom School for just over two decades Ms. Amanda has chosen to pursue a new career field in Augusta.

We will miss you !
No cell Phone
Please remember that lower and middle students are not allowed to bring cell phone at Shalom School.

Deadline for applications to Jewish summer camp scholarship February 15

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