February 2017

Sustainable City Talk: 
Local Leaders Embracing Sustainability
Community members make their way in for the evening session.
You showed up!

At our second of three Sustainable City Talks, a total of 205 city staff and community members attended the two sessions featuring:
  • Dr. Dave McInally: President of Coe College
  • Mark Weldon: Sustainability Principle Engineer of Quaker Oats/PepsiCo
  • Steve Shriver: CEO/Founder of Eco Lips and Co-Owner of Brewhemia
Video highlights can be viewed by clicking the link to the left.
Video highlights

Check out this short highlight reel of the evening.  Our local leaders demonstrated their passion for sustainability and how it is a foundation to their work.

Click here for highlight reel!
The size of the word corresponds to the number of times it was written in the feedback cards.
Your priorities!

Attendees wrote their sustainability priorities on feedback cards.  These are important considerations for our city as we move toward our municipal sustainability plan. These three Sustainable City Talks represent the educational and engagement phase of the process.
SAVE THE DATE: April 24 @ 6pm
Sustainable City Talk:
City Leaders 
Pursuing Sustainability

Monday, April 24, 2017


Downtown Library, Whipple Auditorium

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. City staff

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Community members

More local leaders' sustainability efforts were on display at the event. 
New Pioneer Food Co-op

Supporting local farmers
New Pioneer Food Co-op works with over 132 local farmers and producers to connect the community with local food sources, year-round.
Feed Iowa First

Fresh Revolution
The veggie bus reaches into low-income
neighborhoods, helping to overcome food
pantry hours, transportation difficulties, and the overall distribution of fresh produce.

Thank You, Sun!
100 photovoltaic solar panels (installed in 2009 and 2010) provide about half the electricity needs at Prairiewoods. This is a 17.5-kilowatt system that includes a real-time energy dashboard display so that visitors can see day-to-day solar energy production.
Metropolitan Planning Organization

CeMar Trail construction in Daniels Park
The Corridor MPO is funding the CeMar Trail connecting Marion to Cedar Rapids. The MPO has over 31 miles in trails planned totaling over $35,000,000.
Indian Creek Nature Center

The Amazing Space Indian Creek Nature Center's new Amazing Space is one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the country. One of its more interesting features is Ornilux glass, used throughout the Bird Room. Ornilux glass relies on biomimicry to prevent bird-glass collisions. The birds see a pattern that reflects UV light, similar to a spider web, and avoid flying into the glass. From inside the building, the glass allows clear viewing of the wildlife outside.
Linn County Public Health

Linn County Public Health and Child & Youth Development
New building will be built to LEED Platinum standards.
Alliant Energy

Focused on a clean energy future
Alliant Energy is moving to a clean energy future with more wind, solar and natural gas, and less coal. In 2016, the company announced plans to add 900 megawatts of wind by 2020.
Rockwell Collins

Volunteers plant community gardens
Rockwell Collins volunteers help plant community gardens during the 2014 United Way Day of Caring.
Mount Mercy University

As sandbags began to line the streets after the September 2016 flood, Mount Mercy University's Enactus student group sprang into action. Partnering with local organizations, the team developed #Sandbags2Handbags, a community oriented project that has already recycled over 1,000 sandbags into handbags.
Blue Zones Project Cedar Rapids

Supporting Local Foods
A sustainable community ensures accessibility of fresh, healthful food and recognizes efforts to encourage healthy eating.
Trees Forever

Planting a Better Tomorrow
Trees Forever and the City have partnered to plant more than 22,000 trees to help conserve energy, filter and slow runoff, and clean the air.

Corridor Rides 
Corridor Rides brings efficient transportation alternatives to commuters and businesses in Iowa's Creative Corridor, including the counties of Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington.
Iowa Waste Exchange

Waste audits in Zones 4 & 6
The Iowa Waste Exchange is a free and confidential waste consultation service helping businesses divert waste from Iowa landfills through reuse and recycling.

City of Iowa City: Eastside Recycling Center
Oaknoll Retirement Community's $40M addition Designed to exhibit many sustainable building strategies teaching
environmentally friendly concepts to the community, this project leads by example - inspiring others to utilize sustainable construction methods.
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