February '22/ Trailside Update
Birkie Month/Home Base/Birke Offers
Birkie Start Lane Rev
Who knew a half-century old Nordic ski tradition, held in Hayward, Wisconsin, would become the largest ski race in North America? On February 25, 2022, over 40,000 skiers and spectators from around the world and across the United States will carry on that tradition. Participants in the Slumberland American Birkebeiner will endure the winter elements while completing in 50K skate course or a 55K classic course. The history of this spectacular winter event spans back to the year 1206 when Norwegian Birkebeiner skiers...
Your Birkie Base
Athletes have their best performance when they've prepped for race day. Your Bicycle Doctor Nordic Ski Shop can be your Birkie Home Base for the Best Race Prep! Our wax techs will prep your equipment while you continue to train. The drop-off deadline to ensure your skis are ready is 4:00 p.m. at close of business on Saturday, February 19th. Check out the wax package we've built for Birkie skiers.

Birkie Ski Race
Wax Prep
Level 4 Race Wax
Service includes inspection of bindings and base, application of industry tested & proven race wax for high performance output and professional care of your skis.
THURSDAY, FEB. 17 - 5 - 7 PM

Drop in to the shop on Thursday for a Q&A Session with our ski wax technician and Start Wax rep, Jacob Huseby. If you're anxious about the new liquid waxes, what wax product to use, how and when to apply it, bring your questions in and get them answered.

Start Logo
In the fall of 2021, Jacob Huseby worked on skis at the World Cup opener up in Ruka, Finland for Start. Huseby is the head coach for the Madison Nordic ski club and is a former employee of the Bicycle Doctor.
Exclusive Birkie Offers
Equipment, Monitoring
And Nutrition
Keep your gear packed
& protected
with the right bag

25% Off
Wahoo Fitness Rival
Elevate your focus, monitor vitals & pace each stride with a highly integrated device


25% Off
Gu Energy Gel
Power up on gels, tabs,
bars, syrups or mixes

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Fat Bike Birkie Start Line 2021

The Big Fat 47K, The Half Fat 21K, and the un-timed Fun Fat 10K Tour – there is something for every rider!
Here's a checklist to maintain your focus going into your ride. Our Bicycle Doctor mechanics & experienced fat bike riders compiled a list they would have you check off before hitting the course.

  • Check the health of your tires. Tire pressure takes priority for cold weather. A good quality gauge we recommend is ACCU-GAGE Professional. Follow-up with topping off your sealant. You want to block any air loss and prevent flats in extreme winter rides. If your tires are in need of replacement, we're stocked with Vanhelga 45NRTH Tires.

  • Check your chain wear. Nothing worse than a worn chain snapping under stress. A good once over to check for skipping or slop will keep you shifting smooth and efficient. In the dipping temps, use of good lube for cold conditions is a no-brainer. Squirt Cool Wax Lube or Super Secret Lube will give you proper shifting performance.
  • Check your outer gear. In handling your bike, wearing the right gear on your head, hands and feet must be part of your race prep. Maintaining adequate circulation with proper insulators for your extremities will cover you for a performance through low temps. The Lake MXZ304 Winter-Last footwear is one way to achieve just that. Drop in the shop & see more of our winter gear.
February '22 / Trailside Update