February is Recommitment Month for
New Year Resolutions!
Dear Valued Client

Yes, we know February is all about valentines and love, but…how are your New Year leadership resolutions fairing? Do you need to recommit to them? Could you use a refresher to get you back on point? We have just the ideas and encouragement you need, extracted from our website’s leadership blog.

First, stop and check in with yourself.

·        What did you promise to try to accomplish this year?
·        As February arrives, has a reality check or two given you pause?
·        Were you too ambitious?
·        What is impeding progress? Do you need to find out?
·        Have you actually made more progress in just 30 days than you give yourself credit
for? (We suspect so, by the way.)

Improvement always comes best in stages, with steady progress the guiding principal. Keep at it. Adjust, reset and recommit. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Neither are better leadership habits!

OK. Ready? Let’s check into some of the ideas we have on the blog :

Are you as guilty as the rest of us in occasionally, inadvertently, playing favorites with members of your team? Any sort of favoritism is corrosive to morale and productivity; making evenhandedness your default behavior is a critical improvement you must make. We explore some ideas for achieving that good habit.

We focus 90% of our work on individual and team-based habit change, and those new habits change the culture of your work environment. But, as the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. Is your culture set up to accept and embrace change? It is your job to make that so!

We know through three decades of working with established and emerging leaders that building a positive-outlook mindset improves leadership outcomes. Replace unengaging, negative behavior sets that impede your own professional success by demotivating and disengaging your followers.

We shared this last month, but it got some traction so we offer it again here as a reminder that your improvement goals are long-term. Keep your eye on those goals! Adjust the day-to-day, month-to-month program as needed, but keep progressing. And ask for help!

We can help, as always. Just call!
Spring Forth!
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