February 2019
The shortest month of the year is over and it was a busy one. We recaulked an unusually high number of toilets, sinks and tub. We repaired a couple of gates, Patched a ceiling a man fell through, and much more. Erik helped his cubs build their cub cars and race them this month which one of them came 2nd in speed and another of his cubs took 2nd in the design category. All in all is was quite a fun month and we are looking forward to what march has in store.
Tip Of The Month: How to Remove Salt Stains
Now that winter has hit hard and the cities been salting like crazy, you may be noticing some nasty salt stains on your carpets in your home or car. but don't fret there are natural solutions sure to make your home or car looking good as new without the harmful chemical fumes.

Please note that we've had multiple clients inquire about our availability for larger tasks this coming summer (decks, drywalling...). Please let us know ASAP if that is something you are looking to get done this summer as we may need to hire someone to work along side us to keep up with demand.
Estonian Construction Workers Save Dog... or Wolf?
As people that work in a similar industry, proud animal lovers, and a family with Estonia heritage. We couldn't help but share this amazing story. It reminds me of the time I called my dad to tell him i'd be late for work because I found a dog on Coxwell Ave. and I needed to find the pups owner. happy to say both these stories had happy endings.

What It Cost To Buy On The Subway Line.

With all the recent delays of late, we've been hearing a few people say "TTC now stands for take the car" while it may feel like that when you are jam packed on a platform or waiting for shuttle bus. It hasn't stopped people from buying along the subway line. It turns out regardless of how inconvenient the subway feels at times, it's still convenient enough for people to want to live clos

In fact Zoocasa recently created a map of what the typical condo and house casts within a 10 minute walk to the stations and let me tell you, it ain't cheap and if we had to guess it will only get more costly.