Featured Client - Mary Ann Sells
"Contrology was conceived and tested with the idea of properly and scientifically exercising every muscle in your body in order to improve the circulation of the blood so that the bloodstream can and will carry more and better blood to feed every fibre and tissue of your body. "
- Joseph H. Pilates

February is heart month so give the gift of Pilates to someone you love.  See below our February promo.  Your Pilates session will invigorate the heart and body.  Pilates is an intelligent and effective way to move.  Joseph Pilates describes the action of circulating the blood through the body as a river that flows and is not stagnant.   

Congratulations Sarah Lamberth!  We are proud to announce she completed all requirements and is now a Romana's Pilates certified instructor.

Check out our news and February special. 
Greg Elwell teaching Julie Kenney
Featured Teacher:
Greg Elwell
Greg started studying Pilates in 2000 and found it supported his avid hiking and love of the outdoors.  After studying Pilates for a decade and graduating with a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Greg decided to further his Pilates training by training with Romana's Pilates to be certified to teach.  After certification in June 2010 Greg has been teaching and sharing his knowledge of the body and how to move through Pilates.
Here is what his clients share about Greg: 
"Greg has a wonderful eye for seeing where I need to make small corrections and his skill in helping me make the corrections.  I think that helps me change old habits and make progress in my Pilates work."
Ginny Goldberg
"Greg has been my instructor for over 6 years.  His calm demeanor and steady approach to instruction have helped me to learn good technique and strengthen my core.  I appreciate that over the years as I have had different body aches, he is able to tailor the workout to help and not harm them!  Finally I appreciate his dry sense of humor while encouraging me to stretch my core limits!" - Karen Nyirjesy
"I just love to work with Greg!  He is perceptive, knows my aches and pains, works with  me to improve those issues, and challenges me to do my best.  I always feel that I have improved after a session with Greg.  I would recommend Greg to anyone who needs an experienced, caring teacher."  -  Mim Rieders
Mary Ann Sells does the Teaser
Featured Client:
Mary Ann Sells
How long have you been studying Pilates?
Mary Ann: 
2 1/2 years

What brought you to Pilates?
Mary Ann:  
Due to accumulating injuries and aging I was forced to find an alternative to ballet and modern dance.  Although I do other exercise I was looking for a balanced, whole body exercise regimen that included attention to correct form.  What I found was another art form for the body.

How has Pilates helped you?
Mary Ann: 
Pull Straps at the Reformer
With expert and gracious guidance from all instructors, Pilates training 
has decreased my chronic pain while increasing strength and mobility.  I 
rejoice in finding a discipline that is not only physically beneficial but 
also mentally challenging while simultaneously being fun and thoroughly engrossing.
Apprentice News

Sarah Lamberth certified Romana's Pilates Instructor
We are proud to announce Sarah Lamberth successfully completed her advanced written test with Sari Mejia Santo.  Sarah is now a certified Romana's Pilates instructor.  This training program is quite rigorous and Sarah glided through the program.  We are excited to offer you lessons with Sarah upon request in either our Doylestown or Jenkintown studios.

To schedule your appointment with Sarah call 267.312.7607 or email at junehinespilates@verizon.net

Exercise of the Month

The Tabletop
June Hudson demonstrates the tabletop

This exercise on the Wunda Chair works the gluteals, hamstrings, tricepes and upper back muscles to stabilize the body in what resembles a table top.  Meanwhile the legs create motion by pumping the pedal that the feet perch upon to challenge the stability of the body and position.  June Hudson demonstrates beautifully the position to be held while pumping the legs.
June Hines in the horseback on the reformer
Studio News
June Hines attended a workshop in Los Angeles with Jay Grimes, one of the elders of Pilates who worked with Joseph Pilates personally.  This two day workshop was on the reformer reviewing advanced work and discussing each exercise for how to apply to each individual body.  

Javier teaching Izzy Barish
Javier Perez Pont, Level 1X Romana's Pilates Teacher Trainer and author of the definitive Joseph Pilates biography, will be teaching and visiting our studios April 3, 6-8.  This is a rare opportunity to   
schedule a lesson with one of the few top leveled instructors in the world.  Javier is from Spain but travels as a Romana's Pilates teacher trainer all over.  You can also observe his teaching or participate in a lecture on his Joseph Pilates biography.  

Reserve Sunday April 7th 3-4 in Rydal for Javier's lecture on his book focusing on the topic, "Did Joseph Pilates have a will?"  To sign up for a lesson or a seminar look in the studios to sign up or email your request to junehinespilates@verizon.net

Javier Perez Pont discovered The Pilates Method in 1995 after 15 years as a professional dancer and soloist in principle roles in several European companies. After training with legendary Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo, Javier stayed in NYC working closely with his mentors to elevate his understanding of the roots of Contrology and master his skills as a teacher. During that time he obtained the organizations level II status as an international trainer of teachers.

Javier w/Jennifer Fowler
 In 1999, Javier opened the first Pilates studio in Barcelona, which became an authorized teacher training center in 2002. For over a decade he has traveled extensively throughout Europe as both a teacher trainer and ambassador for the Pilates movement. Javier was promoted to a Level 1X within Romana's Pilates Teacher Training program. He has relocated outside of Barcelona focusing on traveling and teaching Pilates throughout the world. 

A true student and historian of Pilates, Javier coauthored, "The Authentic Pilates Method, The Art of Control" in 2005, which became a best seller in Spain and Spanish speaking countries worldwide. His most recent work, 
which has been translated to English, is "Joseph Hubertus Pilates, the biography" is a comprehensive study of Joseph Pilates as a man and visionary. Currently Javier is working on the second part of this biography as well as a new book dedicated to finding the roots of Contrology. Javier has made it his life's work to share a deeper understanding of the true spirit of Pilates and the art of Contrology.

Integrative Massage Method with Sharon Michels
Give the Gift of Massage (to you or a friend) 
Enjoy your introductory massage with Sharon Michels for $50 and each subsequent massage for $85.  And, after your first massage don't forget to take advantage of Sharon's "Refer a Friend" program - ask Sharon for more details. 
Visit her website here.
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