Coffee bean bags for sale at SNAP - use for storage or get creative
These fennel studded breadsticks from Borealis are a savor every bite delight. And that's fresh pizza dough to go, at the bottom.
Bath Farmers Market
February 12 2022
Good Morning,

What a week coming up. Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day on Monday, Nirvana Day on Tuesday, Random Acts of Kindness Day on Thursday. All kinds of positive exciting and thoughtful moments to live with joy and maybe a little reflection. Did you know the Market was part of hosting the first Random Acts of Kindness Day in the Bath Community?! Create positive moments for you and your family, your friends, strangers. It helps to balance out the myriad difficult issues we face in the world at large just now.

Here in deep midwinter, you may longing for something new to cook. Get creative and forget what you know. Just go to Chef Google with what you're staring at, say beets and cheese and hit search. Frist thing up just now was Beet and Goat Cheese Salad at Eating - you can shop here for that and enjoy it tonight! Create, explore, test!

Worried about the weather: market closing notices are emailed as soon as we know - early or late, so check your mail first thing Saturday if the weather is bad. Keep in mind some vendors live in different weather zones, with impact on travel.

Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood and Meadowcroft are out; we expect everyone else.

Current, Seasonal, Specials, and Sales
Ready to go for soup at Goranson; just add protein, grain & herbs of your choice. Appreciate the scent of simmering supper thru the afternoon.
Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables

Farmer One Love
Goranson Farm
Tarbox Farm
Hard to choose from the combo plates at Farmer One Love. Golden Oysters , King Oysters and Black Poplars are featured here.

Sign up for a summer CSA now to ensure a place on the list. Goranson (, and Tarbox ( are taking sign ups now - ask for info at the table or go to the website. Summer market vendors dharma farm ( and New Roots, ( are also taking applications.

Baked Goods

Borealis Breads
Chase Farm Bakery
Stewart & Reid (gluten free)
Carrot Cake with Italian flair, waiting for you at Alchimia

Meat and Poultry

Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Kelley Brothers Beef
Mainely Poultry
Steak & football fans: enjoy your pick after the game- Kelley Bros is ready for you.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Pemaquid won't be here for a few weeks. We'll share their return date when we know it


Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Nothing like the cool tangy taste of fresh Feta; this will get your grateful attention at Fuzzy Udder.

Cheese & Dairy

Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Ionic Silver from Mana Medicinal supports recovery from a wide variety of infections . At Mana Medicinals
Handcrafted, Homegrown, Preserved, Premade

Big Barn Coffee
Fat Friar Meadery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Mana Medicinals
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Tarbox Farm & Sasanoa Brewery

Onion choices at Tarbox; be sure to try those Cippolinis, upper right, they roast and braise beautifully.
Satisfying crunch and flavor on these ultra crisp crackers at Hootenanny - great with a dab of chevre or cream cheese
Calling on his Scottish heritage and his training as a French pastry chef, Jeff at Stewart & Reid offers a range of delicious, and yes, all GF, treats.
Start the day with a warm Cinn a Bon from Chase Farm; end it with one of her tasty ready to bake frozen pies ; true decadence: order a pint of whole cream the week before to top that pie (whipped or not)

Happy Fruits, alone or mixed, and a bit of sweetener, bring their joy to morning toast, or delicious pastries. Buy 2, or 3, at Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Follow that tantalizing aroma to Big Barn Coffee, where Dan will happily grind yours to order.


Many vendors will take preorders right at the market; so ask if you are missing a favorite or rotating specialty.

Preordering via our online market for several vendors is easily accessed via our website:
Ask Sean about the new Mead flavors
he's working on. Note: the Tasting Room is closed for now,


SERVICE DOGS ONLY in the Freight Shed

SNAP table is mid market

Bathroom is at the South End
Thanks Robin And Carter; see you again on March 3
A great deal for lots of meaty delicious wings. Buy lots and freeze some. At Mainely Poultry.