February newsletter
Announcing the 2019 Ambassador of the Year: Ernie Merritt

Ernie Merritt, of Saco, ME, is the 2019 Joselynn Badman Ambassador of the Year! Merritt has run a support group for 12 years; was featured in a recent INvisible Project and the Pain Awareness Month Storyathon, and is active at the state and federal levels of government. In general, he's a constant source of strength and hope for pain warriors.  Read more about Ernie.
U.S. Pain spearheads joint letter to Congress from 30 groups

Federal agencies have spoken about wanting to provide safer options for pain. But it is Congress' responsibility to ensure that these efforts are conducted in a timely fashion.  Read more.
Take action to ask for second hearing on medical cannabis

Congress recently held a hearing about discrepancies in state and federal cannabis policy and roadblocks to research. Let's keep up the momentum!  Read more.
Survey opportunities for patients with headache disease and CRPS

If you have headache, migraine, or cluster disease or complex regional pain syndrome, there are two important opportunities to share your experiences.  Read more.
A Q&A with the newest member of the Board of Directors: Marv Turner

Marv Turner, an award-winning video producer, is the newest addition to U.S. Pain Foundation's Board of Directors .   Read more.
Pediatric Pain Warrior Program reveals new video; fundraiser scheduled for Feb. 20

Check out a moving new video from the most recent Pediatric Pain Warrior weekend retreat and learn about an upcoming Points for Pain fundraiser .   Read more.
Your advocacy made a difference in CMS's recent decision

Thanks in part to feedback from patients and patient groups, Medicare will cover acupuncture for chronic low back pain Read more.
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