Keeping Students Safe

“When school climate improves, schools are transformed for the better—and students learn and behave better.”

Georgia Appleseed Executive Director Talley Wells and Director of Projects Michael Waller kicked off the year by sharing their thoughts in an op-ed, published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution 's Get Schooled blog, on what the state of Georgia is doing—and should be doing—to keep our schools and children safe and healthy. 

This is a good, quick read to understand what’s happening right now in our state. It’s also a great resource if you’ve ever caught yourself wondering what people mean when they talk about “school climate.”

Georgia Appleseed is working to increase school based behavioral health services and improve school climate across Georgia. The state is at a critical moment where there is bipartisan momentum for expanding these efforts. Increasing both will make a significant impact for Georgia’s children across the state. Georgia Appleseed is playing an important role in this vital conversation.