FEBRUARY 2020 Newsletter
~ February 2020 ~
President's Message

As this newsletter reaches your inbox, I will be en route from Val Gardena, Italy to Munich with 45 other CVOAers for our return flight to the states after a week of skiing. I’m sure there will be pictures and stories galore to share, which you will be able to see and hear about at our 2020 post-ski trip party scheduled for April 3 rd at the AOEC (Adaptive Outdoor Education Center) Yurt . Also there will be skiers from trips to Quebec and Jackson Hole, as well as anyone else who has ever gone on a CVOA ski trip in the past or would like to go in the future. This evening serves not only as a post-trip party, but as a pre-trip planning party for 2021 ski trips (you can already begin thinking about where you might want to go in 2021).
At the January 19 th board & membership meeting, there was an important discussion among the 19 members present about our ski trip reservation fee. The current $50 fee is sent to trip leaders along with a reservation form to reserve a spot on a ski trip, and becomes discretionary funds for the leader to use to cover such costs as bus driver tips and group events during the trip.
In recent history this fee has been refundable if a traveler notifies the trip leader that, for whatever reason, s/he no longer intends to go on the trip. At that point the trip leader would contact the treasurer to send out a check to refund this fee. Then the trip leader would either contact the next person on the waiting list to fill that spot, or if no one is on the waiting list, send out word that there is now space available on the trip. This means contacting all potential travelers, sending out brochures of the trip and taking care of all the information and monies needed by GE&E to reserve that spot (again). It can be very time-consuming.
Of course, many times these situations are beyond control of the traveler, such as injuries or family emergencies. Trip insurance is highly recommended for participants; it would cover most or all costs in such cases. But also (and this was the case often this year), it is because people change their minds for various reasons. Because of the work involved to fill those empty seats and after much discussion, the following motion was voted on and approved (almost unanimously) by all members at the meeting:
Beginning in 2020 for 2021, the CVOA reservation fee paid by a member to reserve a space on a ski trip is non-refundable. The exceptions are if the trip is cancelled or if there is not an available space for the member to fill.
This new policy will be included in all future CVOA ski trip brochures and forms. We don’t know where these trips might take us, but if you have ideas of where you would like to go or if you would like to lead a trip; be sure to come to the AOEC Yurt on April 3 rd !
Distinti Saluti,
Thank you for joining or renewing for 2020.
Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2020.
Calendar of Events

Jan. 22 - Feb. 1
- Italy / Val Gardena Ski Trip
February 2, 9, 23
- Bowling
February 8
- Full Moon Evening Soup-Stew Event
February 10 - 14
- Quebec City Ski Trip
February 22
- Yonder Knoll Hike
Feb. 26 - March 4
- Jackson Hole Ski Trip
March 28
- Annual Meeting
April 3
- Post-Ski-Trip Party
April 5,12,26
- Bowling
June 22-25
- Sky Lodge of Moose River
July TBD
- Day in Bremen
How to Contact Us
  • President Bonnie Farrar: 207.735.3984: cvoa.president@gmail.com
  • Vice President Mark Curtis: 207.441.9532: cvoa.vicepresident@gmail.com
  • Treasurer Mary Frank: 207.778.4695: cvoa.treasurership@gmail.com
  • Secretary Cindy Foster: 207.829.6110: cvoa.secretary@gmail.com
  • Adventure Coordinator Patti Johnston: 207.745.5815: cvoa.adventures@gmail.com
  • Range Officers Neal Trask: 235-2732; and Diane Stone: 240-4752; OR both at: cvoa.range@gmail.com
Future Events & Adventures
CVOA Drop-in Bowling
Most every Sunday at 3:00 - New Time
(February 2, 9, 23)
Our bowling sessions have been changed to 3:00 – 5:00; the timing is better for going out to supper afterwards. All members, whether bowling newbies or old pros, are welcome. The cost for CVOA members for the two hour session is just $10, which includes shoes.
CVOA Full Moon Outing
Saturday, February 8, 5 to 8 pm
XC-skiing, Snowshoeing, Ice Skating
Hearty Soups & Stews
Sugarloaf Outdoor Center
Join CVOA members & guests for an adventurous evening under the light of the Full Moon. Plan to arrive at 5 and by 5:15 be ready to start out as the Full Moon rises. We will lead you on an easy Ski and Snowshoe Safari around the Bog Loops (slightly more challenging route optional) before returning to the Lodge to enjoy hot Soups, Stews, Chowders and Chili provided by our members.
Rentals are available for Snowshoes at $5 and Ice Skates for $5 . XC skiers must provide their own equipment. There will be a small $5 per person trail/rink/lodge fee for everyone, even if you have a season trail pass . Please bring your own flashlights & Head Lamps and Trail snacks & beverage. The delicious desserts from the Bull Moose Bakery and coffee will be available to purchase. For those who just want to enjoy the warmth of the Lodge and share a crock of soup with us, plan to arrive around 6 and have your own little Happy Hour while waiting for folks to return before we begin to fill our bowls. BYOB as usual.
We need to have an idea as to how many plan to attend and would appreciate knowing what kind soup you might be bringing. PLEASE RSVP to Jan Mildram at jmildram51@hotmail.com or Barbara Briggs at bfbriggs@sealoafer.com
Snowshoe Hike to Yonder Knoll
Saturday, February 22, Washington's Birthday
1:30 to 3:30
Curious about or enthralled with ‘Yonder Knoll’? This short and comfortable hike promises views over to the Loaf on our ascent, and, at the top, an outstanding 270 degree view up and down the valley.

Meet at the Stratton Brook Hut parking lot, (just north of the Access Road) on Route 27 at 1:30 PM on Saturday February 22. We have a 15 minute walk on the Narrow Gauge trail (poles, cleats, and/or snowshoes) then at the trail head, we take a few minutes to put on our snowshoes. We have a 20-30 minute leisurely ascent in the hardwoods, on some skidder trails to ‘Yonder Knoll’, a rocky outcropping. Please have poles for the ascent, for your safety. Thank you !

A 15-20 minute stop at the top to soak in the incredible view, and snack as you desire. Then a 30 minute descent, arriving back to the parking lot comfortably by 3:30 PM. Any friends, guests, family and four-legged friends are welcome! 

This is a ‘show and go’ event, in any weather, so no need to sign up. A FREE million dollar view! Looking forward to seeing you!

~ Trip leader: Jan Mildram
Annual Meeting
Saturday, March 28
The votes are in and tabulated, and the overwhelming preference is for a social event, rather than a dinner, preceding the Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 28. It will be at the Sugarloaf Hotel, and other details are being worked out.
Save the date, and we hope you will join us.
Ski Trips
2020 Ski Trips - the latest
Val Gardena, Italy, January 22 – February 1
Heading home as you read this.

Quebec City, February 10 – 14
Trip Leader: Pete Weston, pbweston@maine.rr.com
Trip is full, but there is no waiting list to fill cancellations.

Jackson Hole, February 26 to March 4
Trip Leader: Bonnie Farrar, cvoa.president@gmail.com
Trip is full, but there is no waiting list to fill cancellations.
Post-Ski-Trip Party
Friday, April 3
Adaptive Outdoor Education Center Yurt
Save the date for this year’s Friday evening post-ski-trip party! All members who have been on trips or are interested in trips are welcome to attend. We often have a photo slide show of this year’s trips, if someone volunteers to put it together.

This is also the night when we talk about possible trips for 2021, so put your thinking caps on.

Desserts will be provided by CVOA, and BYOB.

Look for complete details in the March newsletter.
Policy Change - Ski trip Reservation Deposits
At the last board and member meeting, this policy was approved:

Beginning in 2020 for 2021, the CVOA reservation fee paid by a member to reserve a space on a ski trip is non-refundable. The exceptions are if the trip is cancelled or if there is not an available space for the member to fill.

Our previous leniency with regard to ski trip refunds has created a tremendous amount of work for our trip leaders; the number of cancellations has increased annually and has become an untenable number. 
Range News
Our shooting season for 5 Stand and Trap has come to a close . . . However:
Our Pistol and Rifle Ranges will remain open throughout the winter season . Our hours of operation are sunrise to sunset. Please note, our law enforcement officers may need use of the Range for training. That training may be after sunset, and may require full use of the Range. Your understanding is appreciated.
Also note, ours is a passive Range and it is your responsibility to follow all posted rules unless otherwise approved by a Range Officer.

If you use the range, please replace the padlock UNDER the rubber flap to keep the lock dry.

Check out our Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/cvoa.shootingrange/

And now we have our own website, in progress: www.cvoarange.com
Diane Stone, Range Secretary
Other News
Charitable Donations
Supporting our Community
Charitable giving by CVOA is decided based on agreement between our mission statement and the proposed activity. These projects fit in with our mission of enjoyment of the regional natural resources, including its people, in a safe manner.
In 2019, the Finance Committee revamped the Donations Policy and prepared an after-action report. The information in the two ties together, so the requester can look back to the request for the details needed for the final report. Requesters use our form to let us know on what the money was spent, how many were involved/helped, and whether the project was effective.
In 2019, there were three donations, one of which was to the Town of Carrabassett Valley for $350 to help stock the fishing pond at the Outdoor Center. CVOA has matched these funds with the town in the past. A second was to the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center for $500 for their programs to assist on-the-snow participants with adaptive needs. Again, this was not the first time CVOA has supported them. The third was the Franklin Search & Rescue, which received $500 for upgrading equipment for the Rope Rescue Team and $500 for scholarships to the Wilderness First Aid course. We at Sugarloaf have benefited from the presence of all three of these organizations.
At the January 19, 2020, board and members meeting, two contributions were approved: $450 for safety equipment (helmets) for the Mt. Abram School ski club and $500 for each of two years (total $1,000) to the Sugarloaf Ski Club's King's Kids program. The first year 61 children made use of the scholarships to participate in the on-snow Boomaugers program, and this year the number is up to 91. For this $1,000 donation, CVOA will be listed as a significant donor, highlighting our involvement in the snow sports community.
~ Mary Frank, Treasurer
Officer and Board positions to fill:
Treasurer, Vice President, Director
It is the time of year when we actively seek new officers to fill positions for the coming year. Elections are held at our annual meeting in March.
Treasurer Mary Frank has made great strides for our financial health, including updates to our Quick Books accounting, and reinstating the CVOA Finance Committee. Unfortunately, Mary has decided to step down from the position. Steve Smith has offered to chair the Finance Committee, which will continue to advise CVOA on financial matters; we still need a treasurer to manage our day-to-day finances using Quick Books .
In the new year, VP Mark Curtis will move up to be our president, leaving a vacancy in the position of vice president.
Also, we have an opening on the Board of Directors . Joining our board is a great way to become more involved with CVOA, without a tremendous time commitment; we have four board/member meetings each year. You would be encouraged to join one of our committees to further contribute.
If you have any interest in any of these positions, please contact president Bonnie Farrar at 246-2092 or cvoa.president@gmail.com . We would love to add you to our team.
Our Web Sites
"Oh my dear," you might say -
that was last month
This month, things are looking up. A few weeks ago, our websites (CVOA and the Range) were both down; having been hacked and full of malware, it seemed like a good time to start anew. With my past experience using wix.com, I hastily created temporary sites that include very little info, but at least the necessary information about joining, and a header that says “temporary, looking for web help”. Since that time, I have been working on a new CVOA site, and member Nory Jones will keep it updated monthly. This will be a much simpler site, with current information provided via links to our monthly newsletters.
Look for an announcement about the new site being online before too long. If you would like to see the progress we are making on the site, view it any time at https://cvoasecretary.wixsite.com/cmf2020januarycvoa/ . Note: there will be errors and incomplete sections – those will be completed with time, and as I make progress, I will publish the latest version. When it is complete, this site will replace the temporary site.
Regarding the CVOA Range site ( cvoarange.com ), Diane Stone will work with me on creating their site during the next month.
If you have any interest in helping with the new site, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It would please me to have someone else be webmaster, particularly if you would like more from our site. Or if you would like to be a web-proofer when it is nearly done, I would love to have some more eyes reviewing it.

Do you have content you'd like to contribute? Give me a shout.
Cindy Foster
Past Events and Adventures
20th in 2020 Celebration
January 18
CARRABASSETT VALLEY - Just In from John McCatherin - On Dec. 9, 1999, a small group of area outdoor enthusiasts gathered at a local residence, concerned about land access and other issues involving their community.

Two weeks ago 160 members of that community came together to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of what evolved from that early meeting – the Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association. It was a gala dinner event in Sugarloaf’s King Pine Room, complete with a slide show of several hundred pictures of CVOA activities and events over the years. And entertainment - a comedian and an Elvis impersonator who, typical of CVOA events, kept members dancing well into the night.
But the main event was the anniversary, a celebration of an organization that midway through its first year had 63 members and now numbers over 1100 - a group that in its inaugural year conducted several cleanup projects and began to build a safe place for target practice, and grew to one that annually sponsors dozens of events from bike and ski trips to mountain climbs, canoe trips and social gatherings - and now has a shooting range membership of over 500.
CVOA President Bonnie Farrar praised the insight of the eight founding members, most of whom attended, and the officers over the years, for bringing together like-minded, outdoor-oriented interests into a powerful organization that has positively impacted the recreation industry of the Sugarloaf area.
John McCatherin, who chaired the committee of original founders, told the anniversary gathering that the people of the region are here because they want to be: “I doubt that there’s anybody up here who was transferred here by IBM or CitiBank."
“Carrabassett Valley and the entire Sugarloaf area is a community of interests – mostly centered on the outdoors . . . and CVOA has given us an organization though which we can exercise and celebrate those interests,” McCatherin said. 
He provided a brief history of the founding of the organization and focused on the purpose of CVOA, as written by him and attorney Don Fowler for the original bylaws. It was originally designed “to promote and encourage outdoor recreation and conservation, to assist major landowners in the region in the stewardship and protection of their lands and to foster safety and conservation education among adults and children in the region. “That basic purpose essentially remains today and has served us well,” McCatherin said.
As proof, he cited the availability of recreation resources just in Carrabassett Valley alone: 100-plus miles of biking and hiking trails, dozens of miles of snowmobile trails, over 30 miles of ATV trails, the seven-mile long Narrow Gauge Trail along the Carrabassett River, the Maine Huts & Trails network and an assortment of trails to scenic locations, swimming and fishing holes and picnic spots, many of them with picnic tables built by CVOA. 
“That’s a far cry from where we were in 1999, and CVOA, the people here tonight and many who can’t be, can take a good deal of pride in the significant role we’re played in all of this,” McCatherin said.  

[Editor's note, by Cindy Foster - John McCatherin presented an excellent presentation at the event. Also, you must know that although my name was the one associated with the reservations, the entire success of the event itself was due to the excellent job Bonnie Farrar and her committee (Jeannette Parker, Val Hudspath, Patti Johnston and Mark Curtis) did putting the event together. And the mountain did an outstanding job transforming the Kine Pine Room from - well, the King Pine Room on a Saturday, full of skiers, kids, parents, food, backpacks - into the spectacular venue with excellent food and service that we experienced.]
Shown are some of the original founders of CVOA. From left, Don Fowler, George Abbott, Sherie Scribner Packard, John McCatherin, Annie Tuell and Neal Trask. Missing from the photo is Paul Houlares, CVOA’s first president, and the late Dick Crommett. At various times over the years, all of those original founders served as CVOA officers or in other leadership positions.  
Board/Member Meeting
January 19
With 19 members in attendance, including officers, directors and members-at-large, we had a very productive board meeting. In summary:

  • Secretary Cindy Foster reported that we ended the year 2019 with 975 members, and have an additional 88 new members since Homecoming.
  • In November, motions to make charitable donations of $500 for Franklin Area Search and Rescue for new rope equipment and $500 to FASR for scholarships to Wilderness First Aid classes were approved by the board in a vote by email.
  • Our treasurer Mary Frank presented the 2019 Profit & Loss statement and the 2019 Balance Sheet. Our financial position is very sound.
  • There were 13 refunds of ski trip deposits.
  • Neal Trask and Harvey Packard received support for the Range to submit a request for a matching grant of up to $15,000 from the Town of Carrabassett Valley for construction of a 50-yard rifle range.
  • Our three ski trips are full, for a total of over 100 travelers.
  • CVOA Apparel has arrived and is being distributed by Val Hudspath.
  • VP Mark Curtis reported the by-laws committee continues to review the by-laws with respect to condensing or removing items. Also, board directors will be encouraged to assign themselves to a committee.
  • Finance Chair Steve Smith recommended that we have a Finance Chair as well as a treasurer/bookkeeper.
  • Bonnie Farrar related the great success of the prior night’s 20th in 2020 Celebration with 160 in attendance; the net cost of about $1200, covering the founders’ meals, appetizers, entertainment and other expenses, was money well spent.
  • The motion tabled at the last meeting regarding a non-refundable ski trip deposit resulted in nearly unanimous approval: Beginning in 2020 for 2021, the CVOA reservation fee paid by a member to reserve a space on a ski trip is non-refundable. The exceptions are if the trip is cancelled or if there is not an available space for the member to fill.
  • Director Jim Heichel has resigned due to his moving out of state; Craig Lehigh was unanimously approved to fill Jim’s term, ending in 2021.
  • For our slate of officers for 2020, we have openings for a treasurer, vice president and a director. Contact Steve Smith if you have any interest in joining our team.
  • Two charitable donations were approved: 1) $1,000 (to be paid over two years) to the Sugarloaf Ski Club’s King’s Kids fund; 91 area youth participate in their on-snow Boomaugers program this year and 2) $450 to Mt. Abram School ski club towards the cost of safety equipment such as helmets.
  • A few weeks ago our websites went down, hacked, full of malware, so it is a good time to start fresh. Cindy Foster created temporary sites (cvoutdoors.com and cvoarange.com) and is working on new sites. Diane Stone will help with the range site.
  • Jeannette Parker mentioned the BBQ’s at the range, which haven’t been done for a while. Maybe this year we could do a homecoming event, or an event the prior weekend to show off the range.
To view or download the complete minutes, CLICK HERE.
~ Cindy Foster, Secretary
Member News
Craig Lehigh
Welcome Craig as our newest Director
Craig grew up in New Sharon with his parents and 6 siblings. For many years prior to 2008, Craig was a jeweler making custom gold, silver and platinum jewelry, and he did jewelry repairs. He still putters with jewelry when time allows.

In 2008, Craig took over Western Maine Screen Doors; his wood shop keeps him pretty busy, and it seems busier year after year. Craig shares his home in New Portland with his wife Shellie and their two puppy dogs River and Honey.

He has been an avid outdoors person and skier, etc, around the area and at Sugarloaf since high school. Not too many years ago Craig found CVOA and has used the range several times. He is pleased to have the opportunity to join the board, and looks forward to being a part of our great organization.
Community News
CV Public Library 10th Birthday Party
Saturday, February 8, 4 to 5 pm
Ski Museum of Maine
Still looking for Weekend Helpers
We are seeking volunteers to staff the Ski Museum of Maine in Kingfield on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4pm during ski season.

Please contact Executive Director Theresa Shanahan at 207.265.2023 or email her at executivedirector@skimuseumofmaine.org for further information or to sign up!
Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association
Valley Crossing #6
Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947