Wintix and Webtix handle it all! 
          • 2764 performances
          • 532 shows
          • 44 domains
          • 13 resorts

All of these are being managed by Wintix and Webtix at Cal Am Properties, one of the country's  largest owner/operators of RV resorts and manufactured housing communities. 

If you are thinking that's a lot, you're right! We wanted to share "by number" that our software is powerful enough to handle the biggest, most numerous, most detailed tasks you ask of it.

"Wintix offers us the opportunity to sell tickets across 13 resorts with no issues," says Activities Director Don (DJ) Johnson. "It allows us to do our business in a more streamlined and efficient ways than in the past." 

Cal Am offers visitors a vast amount of different kinds of entertainment: concerts, classes, sports, dances and more, that require reserved and general admission seating, class registration, and group reservations. 

It's also flexible enough that each resort can offer tickets tailored to their own needs, even though the software is system-wide.

"Wintix has given us the capability to limit which events can be sold at each of our resorts. This helps the box office filter which events they see so they are not searching through a list of events they are not selling," says System Administrator Steve Heede.  "It has also given us the capability to limit who can buy certain events online.  If we have an event that is just for the residents of a resort we can limit those sales to just the people that stay at that resort."
minimumHow to require a minimum number of tickets to get a special price

Your organization may never have the opportunity to sell Beatles tickets for $5.50, but you may have fans jumping with joy for good deals you offer.

You may want to think about setting up a minimum number of tickets your patrons must buy in order to get that screaming deal, though. 

Wintix and Webtix 6 give you a powerful amount of flexibility when you set up your tickets. You can establish minimum or maximum amount of tickets someone can buy, or limit the amount of time that price is available.

Read more about setting up a minimum number of tickets here. 
detailsWe just looked at how to set the minimum number of tickets sold -
now let's review more price category details you can manage in Wintix 

The screen shot above is the Price Category Detail Window in Wintix 6.*

Have you explored and used the variables included? You can set the minimum and maximum number of tickets, service fees, and even special on and off sale times.

You can reach this window when you edit or add a show. Take a look at the next couple of articles for links.

*If you are still using Wintix 5, please contact [email protected] for this important upgrade.
rosIf you are setting regular prices (NOT specials) for your event, 
use the Run of Show function

Wintix is incredibly flexible for setting prices so you can accommodate any kind of situation. 

It can seem a bit complicated with all those variables, so just remember that for normal pricing that will be used throughout your show or event, use the Run of Show function.

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