Edgar Degas
"Dancer Onstage" 1877
This month, The Metropolitan Museum of Art implemented a new policy known as Open Access, which makes images of artworks in the public domain widely and freely available for unrestricted use.

Oscar nominee Emma Stone praises Bobb Cooper of Valley Youth Theatreemma
 for being a huge influence in her life and career  
Emma Stone - Academy Award nominee and grateful Valley Youth Theatre alumnus (9:35)

Congratulations to Bobb for helping this bright young movie star find her place in the firmament!

Valley Youth Theatre has been one of our clients for almost 20 years and we (like beaming family members!) are proud of their achievements.

Bobb Cooper talks about Emma, Valley Youth, and what theatre teaches young people here.

Emma Stone told Vanity Fair and CBS Today that Cooper is the "person she respects most." You can watch this charming, down-to-Earth actress go back to reunite with her old teacher and theatre in the video above.

In the short video below, Stone and other Vanity Fair cover actresses discuss who they "respect most."

Vanity Fair cover actresses on who they  
You can find whatever you want on the trail! trailThe Audit Trail that is.

It's like following markers along a path to find your way to where you want to go.

Each sale in Wintix automatically records a history of any pertinent information and a history of any action or change that has occurred, as well as who did what.

Here are a few samples of what you can track:

Was a sale mistakenly cancelled?

Did a card accidentally get charged twice for a purchase?

Not sure if your patron was emailed a receipt? 
These are newsletter editor Peggy Dillon's twin daughters. They are all grown up now, but even today, Peggy says, "Twins. They're not just a job. They're an adventure. " She is also a fan of clean, up-to-date customer records.
No need to see double! double
Every once in awhile, you should remove and merge the duplicate customer records that build up over time. 
Online buyers may enter their information more than once. Even in the box office, clerks could inadvertently add a duplicate customer record. This leads to long and messy mailing and emailing lists that need to be cleaned up.
Even when you just delete a duplicate record, Wintix will automatically merge the deleted record with the record you keep.

Once you clean up your customer mailing lists, there is so much your can learn about your patrons and use that information to nurture relationships and increase sales. You can find links to mailing list Help Desk posts here.
Want to add a service charge?servicecharge

One of the great things about the way Center Stage Software works is that we never charge you a per ticket fee. That let's you keep any service fee you may charge to help you run your organization.

Generally, you would add your service charges in Payment types

You can also add different service charges for whether someone buys tickets online, on the phone, in person, etc. Learn how here
REMINDER! Add the "s" to your "Buy Tickets" button! https
If you haven't done so already, please make sure your "buy tickets" buttons have the https:// NOT just http://.

Once you have made this change, let us know so we can modify your Webtix shopping cart to use the AIM interface. With this interface, your patrons will be able to enter their credit card information without being re-directed to the Authorize.net payment page. Learn more here. 

Regarding the new payment interface, we are working on adding a "ship to" field for those patrons who want to purchase tickets and/or merchandise and have them mailed or shipped as a gift to the recipient. For now, the online patron can add this information to the "Remarks" field.
Has it been eons since you updated Wintix and now dinosaur
your software build date is a bit prehistoric?

Thank goodness you aren't a T Rex! Your arms wouldn't be able to reach your keyboard and you wouldn't be able to update your Wintix any time you want.

Don't wait for a meteor to hit! Use those nice long arms of yours and download an update right now.

In Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix | Download update

Here's a little tutorial if you need help.

Check the latest build date by going to Help | About Wintix. You should see 2/14/17.
What's in the latest Wintix update?update
  • Blank publicity codes will show in the Publicity report. What this feature does is allow you to see if anyone is using blank publicity codes. Then, you can correct them.
  • You can send a report to any kind of spreadsheet. It is no longer limited to Excel so you can whatever kind of program you like, including open source software like Open Office.
  •  You can now run a Publicity report to a spreadsheet.
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