February 2015


Have you taken the 2015 surveyTicketing Survey? 
If you've already taken this important national survey, thank you!

If not, please take 15 minutes and give your valuable input to The Arts Management and Technology Laboratory of Carnegie Mellon University.

It will help you understand how your peers use ticketing technology and help us with ongoing software improvements and developments.

Call us when you have emergency2
an emergency!
Please remember that we are on call after hours in case you have an emergency. If any of the following things happen, it is vital that you call support at 831.920.1254 or 831.583.0641.

An emergency means:
  • You cannot sell or print tickets
  • You cannot access Wintix
  • Your Webtix online ticketing site is down

Find special requests requests3 from online patrons 
When patrons purchase a ticket online, they can add a special request or other information in the "Remarks" field. While you can find the remarks in email confirmations, sometimes it's handy to run a report to review all the remarks that have been entered in Webtix for a particular time period.

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Need to email tickets after a purchase?emailtix
Need to email tickets to someone who has already made a purchase?

You can easily email them directly from the patron's sales record.

Learn more from our handy Help Desk.

If you are emailing tickets and get a "PDF writing error" message, you may be missing an important file. We will need to email it to you.

Cha cha cha! Get schooled on how to useclass Wintix to sell class and workshop registrations
One way many theatres engage with their community and help support the company is by offering classes and workshops to their patrons.

Wintix is a great tool for that because you can use it to sell class registrations as easily as you can sell tickets!

Registrations can be set up a couple of different ways - either as "shows" or "season packages."

Learn more about how to set up class registrations in Wintix.
Notify Flags are flying to get your flag2attention
All your patrons are important but some deserve some extra special treatment.

Wintix has a feature called "Notify Flags" you can use to help alert the box office when someone special, like a donor or a board member, is purchasing a ticket.

You can put notify flags in a customer's record. When you do a sale to them, a reminder will appear so you can treat them especially well during their purchase.

"Hello, Ms. Jones. We love having board members join us for performances!"

Then you can obtain a list of patrons who have a notify flag, so you can treat them to an exclusive reception, send them a thank you card, or anything you can dream up to make them feel special.

Learn more about Notify Flags.
Let Wintix help you manage your email maillistmarketing mailing lists

Do you use a service like Constant Contact or MailChimp for email marketing? 

Do you need an efficient way to keep those email lists up to date with patrons who have opted in to receiving emails while making a Webtix purchase?

Wintix has the tools to help you manage your customer relationships. In this case, you can export a new opt-in spreadsheet from your Daily Sales Report and import it into your email marketing program.

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