seasonSelling season packages online with Webtix 

This past month, we have received more requests to sell season packages online using Webtix. Did you know you can do that? 

Many theatre-goers love flex passes, where they get to choose their own dates to see performances.

You can easily sell flex passes with Webtix and a little bit of help from our programming department.

seatingchartHow to know who is coming and create a quick visual of unsold seats for a performance 

It's the night of a performance. You need an easy way to check ticket holders off your list, and quickly identify empty seats so you can sell them to people who show up at the door. 

We learned a pretty cool trick from one of our customers, Marlene from Grace Arts Live,
who came up with a way to print a seating chart showing all the unsold seats. And she showed us a really awesome way to see how many of the sold seats were sold in-house versus online. 
inactivenamesTime to clean out those dusty, old records 

Over time your customer database can get cluttered with old, out of date records of people who haven't been active for a long time. It's almost Spring, so it's a good timing to clean out "inactive" records. What makes them inactive?


Inactive people are people who have not purchased anything since a particular date (the default is the last two years).


Inactive customers do not belong to a specified group.


Inactive customers are people who have not been manually entered in the last six months.


This Help Desk post  explains how to remove them. You can even run a report of names first, so you can launch a marketing campaign and hopefully make them active again!
authnetNew technical updates won't affect Wintix or Webtix 

Some of our customers are reporting getting an email from informing them of several upcoming technical updates. After reviewing the email, Bruce Rowe, head programmer, says none of the changes will affect Wintix or Webtix. Read the email and his response here.
socialmediaThanks for liking and following us! 

As many of you know, Center Stage Software launched a Facebook page and a LinkedIn page recently. If you've been to visit, thank you! If you've liked us or are following us, thank you, thank you!

If you haven't visited us yet, we welcome you to do so. We've joined social media so we can have more ways to communicate and keep in touch. Share your tips on how to use Wintix and Webtix. Let's talk about ideas for selling more tickets and subscriptions. Learn about ticketing and other box office trends.

Click on the links below and check it out!

windowsIt's just creepy that Windows 10 will automatically update 

It's a little scary that Microsoft has made updating to Windows 10 automatic if you have Windows 7 or 8.1. Earlier this month, we sent you an email about it and what to do if you want to prevent it without your permission. 

We have the information about the automatic update, links to some good articles and instructions on how to disable automatic updates on the Help Desk here.
ransomIt was just an email - but it brought down a hospital. Don't let it happen to you.

We all know that the internet is a dangerous place and that hackers lurk in shadowy corners, but did you know hackers can actually kidnap all your data and hold it for ransom?

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