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Reliable measurements, Wider tool selection, CABDA wrap up
Repeatable, Reliable Measuring

As cycling season starts to get underway in much of the northern hemisphere, you may be dusting off your Fit Kit tools and getting ready to use them. 
Now is a great time to practice locating the key body measurement points, and doing a refresher in using the tools. 
Practice on different body types. Practice on other staff.  Repeat the measurements on the same person 3 or 4 times over a few days, recording the information separately each time, and then comparing the variation at the end.  You should be within a few mm each time.
Fit Kit Systems are now carrying a selection of bike fitting tools and aids from Bikefit and Purely Custom.  In addition to the Fit Kit tools you can order (among other things) knee dot straps, a plumb bob, goniometer or self levelling laser, saving you time and reducing shipping costs.
Thanks to CABDA for a great Expo

The CABDA Expo attracted a relaxed and friendly crowd of bike dealers from the Mid West.  There was strong attendance each day at our seminar on "Getting Started in Bike Fitting", good interest and uptake of the Fit Kit, and valuable learning at the pre and post Expo bike fitting workshops.  The CABDA board have confirmed a return of the Expo next year, with bigger and better things.
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