President's Message
According to Punxsutawney Phil, we have six more weeks of winter. Six weeks may seem like a long time if it was constant snow and cold weather, but it seems most of this year's winter has been fairly light. I suspect these six weeks will continue to fly-by and we will be half-way through March before we know it.

Most of us have 4 more months of school before we dismiss for the summer and I encourage each of you to celebrate your success and remember the reason we spend the countless hours preparing for classes, student competitions in their CTSOs, professional associations, and growing individually. If we identify now what we hope to accomplish by the end of the school year and make a concerted effort to accomplish those, in June we will look back and be proud of our accomplishments. If we wait until June to take action, we will remind ourselves how those past four months flew-by.

Your CTEI Board has been diligently working to represent you this past month at various state meetings, presenting to the House and Senate Education Committees, and having engaged conversations with our elected officials. I am extremely proud of the work going on within our Committees and each of your professional associations. Become engaged and provide your valuable input and experiences to continue putting Career & Technical Education Professionals at the forefront of decision makers.

Before you know it, Spring will be here. The six weeks will have flown-up and we may or may not have taken action to engage. And a "year from now, you'll wish you had started today" (Karen Lamb).

Best of luck this month, after all, it's CTE Month, the best opportunity for us to showcase the amazing work being done each and every day preparing Idaho's next skilled workforce.


Clay Long
CTEI President
January 31st CTEI Board Meeting
This past Wednesday, your CTEI Board met in Boise for the January Board meeting. It was a packed Agenda as we continued conversation about the work going on within our Committee, speaking to the Senate Education Committee, attending Student Day at the Legislature, and hosting our 2nd Roundtable with Idaho CTE Executive Leadership.

During presentations to the Senate and House Education Committee meetings your CTEI President re-introduced CTEI to committee members sharing the work being done and the increased engagement and visibility moving forward. A copy of the CTEI Strategic and Long-Range Plan and Venn Diagram of the "Partners in Idaho CTE" were given to each member. Additionally, specific work and engagement in the CTE Teacher Pipeline and the necessity to retain those coming into the profession from industry was shared. CTEI has a commitment to ensuring new teachers have adequate support and mentors and will be leading the work of developing best practices and a framework for Teacher Mentors within each of the Teacher Associations.
CTEI Board at the Capitol (January 31, 2018)
Why Should I Join?
From the most up to date information in your area, insurance, lesson plan ideas or connecting with other CTE professionals to sharing and exchanging the latest information in CTE. Become a member today and discover the benefits and witness the Power in Numbers.
There are multiple ways to join, through the ACTE link above or through the site where you can print off the form and register with check. Consider the TOP Reasons to Join CTEI / ACTE today.

CTEI / ICTE Roundtable Update
On January 31st, CTEI and ICTE held their 2nd Roundtable. These conversations were established as part of the Strategic and Long Range Plan focusing on increased partnership and relationship between CTEI and ICTE. This Roundtable focus was on the CTE Teacher Pipeline and not just recruiting teachers to become CTE Teachers, but ensuring we retain those teachers through solid teacher preparations, strong mentorship programs, and positive networking opportunities.

Kristi Enger, Director of Teacher Education & Certification joined the Roundtable to discuss the work being done through the new Inspire-Educate teacher training cohort. CTEI looks forward to being engaged in the curriculum and assisting in educating our new CTE Teachers on the value of membership of their Professional Teacher Associations and CTEI.
Member Spotlight:
Shayla Martin
Name :
Shayla Martin
Teaching Area:
Snake River High School
How long have you been teaching?
 2 1/2 years
What do you enjoy most about your job? I love the excitement the kids get when they achieve industry certifications, and seeing them learn things that will make their lives more productive.
Why would you encourage a new teacher to engage in their teacher association? Teacher associations are important to keeping current with the profession. They are a great way to engage in professional development that is actually relevant to what you are teaching. I would encourage not only new teachers to join an association, but also veteran teachers.
If you could change one thing about your classroom environment, what would it be? I would like to change the layout of my computer lab to be more conducive to group work. I would also like to see more parents and kids be excited about CTE.
What is something about you that would surprise people? I married my husband of 12 years after knowing him for 6 months.
What is something you would like to learn to do? I would love to learn how to paint.
What is one of your goals? To connect with each student every day. Whether it's just saying hello to them as they enter my room or to have a conversation not about classwork once a month. It's so easy to just focus on the content, but I feel that building relationships with students helps them feel more connected to what I am teaching.
(Each month, CTEI will spotlight a member. If you have a recommendation on who we should spotlight, contact Brenda Jacobsen , Public Relations Chair.)
Professional Development Opportunities
February 5-7, 2018 The conference for IT and instructional educational professionals in Idaho.

February 15-19, 2018 Western Business Education Association the regional conference for Business and Marketing teachers, Family & Consumer Science teachers and CTE Administrators, Boise.

July 30 - August 2, 2018 ICTE Professional Development Conference, Boise. Reach for passion. Reach for knowledge. Reach for excellence. Attend Idaho's premiere Career Technical Education professional development opportunity. Stay up-to-date
CTEI Committee Work
The hard-work is realized! To learn more about the Committee Charrges and the members of each committee, click the committee name. If you are interested and did not have a chance to sign-up, contact the committee chair.

  • Awards/Recognition Committee (Debra Guinn, Chair): What better way to help CTEI than to engage in the acknowledgement and recognition of our members and the amazing work they are doing? 
  • By-Laws Committee (Mindy Pals, Chair): This committee reviews our By-Laws and provides recommendations for amendments during our Annual Meeting at REACH. 
  • Conference Committee (Tom Bandolin, Chair): The REACH Conference and Tech Expo Committee will provide opportunities for CTEI Members to foster professional development through workshops and presentations, as well as networking with other CTE professionals and technical industry experts. Join the committee that leads this work. 
  • Legislative Committee (Lex Godfrey, Chair): The purpose and charge of the legislative committee is to inform membership of legislative issues. Additionally the committee advocates for legislative and regulatory positions that support, enhance and recognize the value of career and technical education.  
  • Membership Committee (Robert Hale/Shannon Holt, Chairs: Help guide us in ways to recruit membership and ensure we provide the services our membership desires. 
  • Nominating Committee (Ivak Cooper, Chair): Be part of the committee who identifies and brings nominations forth for the CTEI Executive Committee.
  • Professional Development (Robert Hale, Chair): As the focus for our membership, Professional Development opportunities are critical to CTEI's success, but how do we best provide these to all of our membership? Engage in the conversation on how to provide PD to all membership.
  • Public Relations Committee (Dr. Brenda Jacobsen, Chair): Join in the work to spread the message about the great work CTEI is doing and the success and achievements of our membership.
Officer Contact Information
Contact your Association Representative or a member of the Career & Technical Educators of Idaho Board and check-out the CTEI website .
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