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February 2018 Newsletter
Important Reminders & Updates
We have had some questions and trouble with people parking campers on the streets along with broken down vehicles. The bylaws state:

All types of "Recreational Vehicles," including but not limited to trucks, trailers, mobile homes, detached camper units, utility and boat trailers, snowmobiles, race cars, watercraft or house trailers, are prohibited from parking anywhere within the District unless they fit entirely within an enclosed garage, except for the "temporary expedient of unloading, delivery or emergency." Three overnights (i.e., 72 hours) during a seven (7) day period for loading and unloading is allowed. Parking of a recreational vehicle for a period of time in excess of 72 hours in a 7-day period is prohibited, except
as may be approved in writing by the Committee.

Periodic movement of the vehicle for purposes of circumventing this standard shall not qualify the vehicle for exception from this standard. Any "Recreational Vehicle," including but not limited to trucks, trailers, mobile homes, detached camper units, utility and boat trailers, snowmobiles, race cars, watercraft or house trailers shall not be parked, kept, stored or maintained on or adjacent to any open space area within the District, except while temporarily engaged in loading or unloading of trucks
or RVs not to exceed more than one (1) consecutive day. Vehicles in violation hereof shall be subject to ticketing and/or towing at owner's expense, as provided herein or by applicable law.

The purpose of the 72 hours is to load and unload, not to provide storage/parking for the unit. Recreational Vehicles must stored/parked in the garage, off site, or as otherwise approved in writing by the Committee.
Vehicles shall not be parked on landscaped (i.e., rock, sod, mulch, plants, etc.) areas. Inoperable vehicles ("legally" and/or "mechanically") are not permitted to remain within the District so as to be visible.

Tree Replacement within the District
The District is working to replace dead trees within the community. A handful of trees were replaced this fall however we were not able to replace every single one. A tree audit will be performed again this spring, the district will plan to address the remaining trees from last fall along with any new ones that may come up. Trees at the park on Wheatlands Pkwy and Kewaunee will not be addressed due to the construction of the new park coming up.

Park Update
During the last board meeting, the residents and board members were presented with themes for the park located at Wheatlands Parkway and S. Kewaunee Way.  
The approved theme will be "Big World, Little Kid".  This theme plays on the concept of kid's being small in a larger then life world. 
This theme has many wooden and natural elements to it that will create a beautiful play space in our community. 
The park design still needs to be approved by the City of Aurora so it is subject to change and any changes will be communicated. 
We hope you find this update helpful and look forward to moving forward with the park plan.

* These images represent potential theming ideas for the playground, but aren't images of exactly what it will look like.*


 If you are interested in doing any advertising to the neighborhood, we can offer the ability to advertise in this newsletter. The rates are below:

$40 for 1/8 page per newsletter 
$80 for 1/4 page per newsletter

Upcoming Events

Kids Night Out

Friday, February 9th
6-10 pm @ the Lakehouse
Movie: Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day
Beer Tour with Bruz Beers
Friday, February 23rd
6:30-9:30 pm
The Clubhouse
This event is limited to 50 guests and requires you to sign up
(sign up will be sent out two weeks before event)


Next Board Meeting:

Thursday, February 8th @ the Clubhouse
Clubhouse Rental Paperwork
The Clubhouse is available for residents of Wheatland's to rent. The cost is $75 for the first three hours (and a three hour minimum is required), and $25 per hour after that. You can access the paperwork here: Clubhouse Rental Paperwork.
Wheatlands Community Directory

Non-Emergency - Police
Irrigation 24 hour service

720-870-9297, 720-870-2221 (Operated by the YMCA)

Water & Sewer Service

Police Representative - Officer Cassell 303-627-3172
Public Works Department 303-739-7300

City of Aurora 303-326-8200

SNOW REMOVAL (District Property)
YMCA and Coxlandscaping
*Homeowners are responsible for sidewalks and driveways

Waste Management Company

Management Company Contacts
Lori Walker - Community Manager

Secondary contact number:
Lakehouse at Southshore

Office Address:
6601S. Wheatlands Parkway
Aurora, CO 80016

Office Hours: 
Mon./Wed./. - 9am-1pm
Tues./Thurs. - 5pm-8pm

Office phone: 720.870.9297
email: Wheatlandsdistrict@denverymca.org

Office Hours

The Clubhouse winter office hours:
Monday & Wednesday -  9am-1pm
Tuesday & Thursday -  5pm-8pm
Community & Management Corner
District Managers Corner:

The updated resident guidelines manual is here: Guidelines

Payment Options:

Each owner in the community is responsible for paying the monthly operations fee ($65). American Conservation and Billing Solutions is the new billing company that is being used. If you have any questions or concerns AmCoBi can be reached at 877-410-0167 x2 or ClientCare@AmCoBi.com


The Wheatlands community has a great website that you can use to see minutes from meetings, look at meeting agendas, get up to date community information and documents and much more, please take a moment to go out to www.wheatlandsmetro.org.


The YMCA manages the pool, clubhouse, park reservations for the community and is in charge of all communication and oversight of the property. If you have any questions in regards to these items, please contact them at 720-870-9297 or 720-870-8221 . Community Preservation Specialists, Inc handles all covenant enforcement issues. If you are unsure of who can help you, please contact management (YMCA) and we will get you to the correct individuals.

Kids Night Out at The Lakehouse
Kids will have game s and crafts with dinner provided, and will get to watch a movie in our movie theater. Parents can relax with the night off. $15 for 1st child $10 for additional children. 6:00 pm-10:00 pm. Please register by Wednesday prior to event. Register on the YMCA website. Call 720-870-2221 with any questions.

February 9th
 Terrible Day
   Movie:  Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Summer Swimming Opportunities for Kids
YMCA Swim Lesson at the Wheatlands Pool
Registration for summer swim lessons at the Wheatlands pool will open up on
February 15th. For more information and instructions on how to register Click Here
  Swim Team at the Wheatlands Pool
The Wheatlands Sharks is a summer swim club which provides a positive learning experience for the kids with an emphasis on fun and to provide a positive community experience for families and children of all ages. 

We provide instruction on swim techniques and swim meet participation, and to give the children the opportunity to learn to compete positively in a casual competitive environment.  Since we are a summer  "recreational" team, we allow swimmers of all ages and abilities to be a part of the team.

You might join the Wheatlands Sharks because you are looking for a great team for your swimmer.  You are going to stay with the Wheatlands Sharks because you are going to discover the fun.  The wild ride of the 7 week season is fun and family oriented.  Activities we offer, outside of swim meets and practice are Parent Social, Movie Night, Pancake Breakfast, Dance, Spirit Practice, and an end of season Awards Banquet.

Wheatlands Residents will have a priority registration that will take place one day in April.  Stay tuned!! If you have any questions please email info@wheatlandssharks.com or visit our webpage at www.wheatlandssharks.com

New Programs at the YMCA Youth Center at Southlands Shopping Center
(New location, located next to Brain Balance)

Come check out some of our new programs offered at the YMCA Youth Center!
(For more information on any of these programs please call the youth center at 720.274.5759


Our Teen Center comes with a pool table, foosball, Nintendo Wii and X Box and many different craft opportu-nities and games, there is never a dull moment. Cost Free; any themed nights will cost $4


Southlands Shopping Center and the Aurora YMCA is here to help you! Drop the kids off at the YMCA Teen Center where Kids can participate in activities and crafts as you indulge yourself with everything Southlands has to offer! Please provide a small snack for your child. Open Mondays and Wednes-days10am-1pm, Thursday's 5-8pm. Ages: Potty trained - 10 years. Fee: $7 per child.


 Ages 11-18
Develop Leadership Skills
Youth-led community service pro-jects
 Bi-monthly meetings - Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00pm at Southlands Teen Center


 K through 6 grade
 Come work on homework and receive tutoring from our staff. Offered 3-4pm on Thursdays.

Warm Up Wednesday

 Planned weekly activities to get some movement and exercise for kids ages potty trained-10 yrs old.


 Three-day, intensive, state wide, mock-government program
 Grades 7-12
 Hands on Experience
 Teachers curriculum support
Full Access to Colorado State
YMCA Programs

In addition to family activities at Southshore, the YMCA runs programs that benefit the entire Aurora Community.

Y Sports
Winter sports registration is now open! For more info:
Abby Neff: 720.524.2750 

Y Leaders
A new program for the Aurora Family YMCA. Youth 11-18 can join at no cost to plan and take part in Saturday service opportunities. Please attend our Wednesday meetings or contact Shai Baca  for more information. sbaca @denverymca.org 
Youth in Government
Join youth from throughout the state at our premier model government program. High school aged students will write and debate bills, argue state supreme court cases or take part in our press and lobbyist programs. The only group with access to the state Capitol building in this capacity.   Click here to find out more!

Reach & Rise Mentoring
What is Reach and Rise?
  • Reach and Rise is a free group mentoring program of the YMCA, established to provide young people in our community with positive and peer relationships.
  • 2 adult mentors are matched with a group of 6 youth
  • The group will meet once a week for 2 hours.
  • The program cycle runs for 8 weeks during the summer and 16 weeks during the fall and spring.
  • Mentors are meant to serve as role models, friends, and confidants. They're another source of support for your child. They are not meant to take the role of a parent, babysitter, or financier.
For more information contact:
Shai Baca

Southlands Shopping Center Events

Southlands Cub Club is for children ages 3 to 10. Members get special discounts at Southlands retailers and YMCA programs, monthly events, a club newsletter and during your child's birth month, they receive a special birthday surprise. Joining is easy. Click here to enroll, then come to the Southlands Management Office during business hours to pick up your child's membership card and welcome goodie bag. Cub Club registration will also be available at every Sounds of Southlands concert and Movies on Main Street this summer. 

Next Cub Club Event:

When: Thursday, January 18th

Where: YMCA Youth Center
2605 S Main St Unit 112
Premier Martial Arts will lead kids through a karate demonstration.

To sign up for this event Click Here 

Wheatlands Metropolitan District

visit us online at www.wheatlandsmetro.org

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, February 8th at 6:00 pm