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Hello valued Brower's Customers!

We haven't had much time to even wish you all Happy New Year's and it's February already! We're hoping that your office is as busy as ours. Thought we'd assist by bringing you popular products for this time of year. Links to our shopping site are included below for your convenience.

Call us if you ever need help finding something! We're here for you!

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2022!

The Brower's Team:

Lori, Terry, Diana and Joel

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We've got Leanin' Tree Valentine's Day cards and many great gifts including; Yankee Candles, Art Supplies, Art kits, MoleSkine Journals & CROSS Pens.

We also have TESTORS paints and many classic car, plane and ship MODEL KITS for those who love to build.

Or you could splurge and get your sweetie a LayZBoy or SERTA office chair! They're in stock and ready for you to try them out. Always on sale too!

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File storage boxes

Year-end entails moving out the old files and starting fresh! When deciding which of these boxes you need, consider; size, heavy or regular duty, lid or string closure and brand. Fellowes is the standard but Universal and others also make them.

LINK to: file storage boxes

Tax Forms

Need tax forms? We've got all sorts in many formats. W2's, 1099's, 1096, Laser or continuous feed, kits with envelopes, etc.

LINK to: tax forms

End Tab labels

file coding is very popular in the medical and legal industry. Smead is king in this area and our catalog carries many of their products. We also special order from Smead when needed.

LINK to: End tab folder labels

Green Mountain coffee

We carry Green Mountain coffees in K-Cups; featured here is the Nantucket blend. Enjoy excellent coffee and discounts!

Box of 24:

$29.15 retail $14.99 SALE price

Box of 96:

$116.60 retail $55.99 SALE price

Link to: Green Mountain Coffees

OPTIMA 25 'Reduced Effort' Swingline stapler

One of our customers told us recently "This is the best stapler ever made!" She has arthritis in her wrists and loves how easy this stapler is to use for heavy duty stapling up to 25 sheets. Save $13.81!


Specialty TEA

Whether you need to get your Zen on or a soothing pick me up, we have the TEA for the job. We carry delicious selections from premier tea creators; BIGELOW, CELESTIAL SEASONINGS, NUMI, TAZO, STEEP and more! All very reasonably priced. Tip: try putting a teabag in a Keurig, it works well!


Expanding File Pockets

("red rope files")

These are the pretty ones! Smead #73892 $20.15 for a 5 pack.

You can also get boxes of them in plain colors at a bulk price; such as Universal #15262 qty of 100, $19.99. Both of these have a 5.25" expansion. Click link to see the entire selection of expanding file pockets.

LINK to: Expanding file pockets
bulldog clip.jpg

Bulldog clips

These come in all sizes and are very popular at this time of year. These were the standard in the day before binder clips came on the scene. Both Elmer's and Universal are still making them today.

LINK to: Bulldog clips

Post-it Flags

Post-it has a flag for everything! SIGN HERE, arrows or to mark a page in style. Sharing our collection of Post-it flags in this link.

LINK to: Post-it Flags
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Winter in downtown

Terry & Joel do a great job in keeping our sidewalks clear in the winter.

Feel free to come shop in the store if you can get away from the office!

Lori & Diana love to see your faces, we don't get out much.

Thank you for buying local!

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