Homeless Court
The Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court, located in the Lodestar Day Resource Center, was established to resolve outstanding misdemeanor warrants for individuals demonstrating a commitment to ending their homelessness. Individuals who owe fines for victimless crimes such as “camping” can use their time in transitional programs as community service in exchange for having their fines waived. Very often it is this burden that can keep an individual unhoused. After their fines have been waived they can start fresh on their path to self-sufficiency. 

While the pandemic has prevented Homeless Court from being in-person, clients continue to utilize this service remotely. For example, when HSC staff called "J" to inform her that her cases were resolved, she began crying, and stated that she also had just moved into her own place. She was trying to figure out the challenge of child care; now having the ability to get her driver’s license will make their lives much easier. It allows J to take a job that she didn't think would work out if she had to take public transportation. 

HSC is grateful for our partnership with Maricopa County in this effort that transforms lives.
Keep it Cut, a subscription based hair salon with eight locations throughout the Valley, has partnered with the HSC to support our efforts to end homelessness in our community.

We are excited to be included with Keep it Cut on a special project for February, the month of LOVE: Give today and have your gift DOUBLED!
For every dollar you donate in February, Keep It Cut will match it up to $10,000!

Proceeds will go to the Human Services Campus and wil help people move from Street to Home.

The HSC thanks you and Keep it Cut for helping us end homelessness in our community!
Episode 27 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
According to a recent ASU study, nearly 50% of young adults experiencing homelessness identified as LGBTQ – and the average age of their first homeless experience was at 17 years of age. We are joined live in studio by Nate Rhoton, Executive Director at one-n-ten, for a look at what’s being done to help and equip our young people.

Also, Jayson Matthews and Gilbert Arvizu from the Valley of The Sun United Way join us in studio for a conversation on healthcare and homelessness.

Episode 28 will air on Monday, Febuary 28th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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