HSC Client Reunited with Brother
Robert and his then pregnant girlfriend traveled to Arizona from Missouri in October 2021 to live with his mother. Robert stated that shortly after arriving in AZ, his girlfriend had a miscarriage. After that things began spiraling out of control with his mother. She ultimately asked them to leave her home at the end of November. With no place to go and no other friends or family in town, Robert and his girlfriend started sleeping in the park, going back and forth to his mother's house to shower and use the bathroom. In a short time, his mother told him they could no longer come to her home. She dropped them off at HSC for help. During an initial intake, HSC staff asked if they had family in Missouri where they could live. Staff was able to call and verify with Robert's brother that they would be welcome to join him in his home. Bus tickets were purchased and the couple was reunited with Robert’s brother in Missouri.

In January 2022, these types of diversions/reunifications occurred 70 times.
Please Make a Birdies for Charity Pledge Now
We need your help this week. You can have fun AND help our clients experiencing homelessness. Simply make a pledge for every birdie made during the WM Phoenix Open on Feb 10th-13th (or make a one-time donation). All proceeds will go directly to HSC. Thunderbirds Charities will also add a 10% bonus for all of your pledges! As an example, your donation of $50 will help pay for a client's rental application fee.
Episode 26 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
The Valley's real estate and rental markets are exploding; rents continue to increase at a rapid pace, pricing many individuals and families out. In this episode, we explore the "Shared Housing Initiative" and how it may provide much needed help to those experiencing homelessness.

Special guests include Krickette Wetherington, Project Manager, ASU Action Nexus;
Rachel Milne, Assistant Director, Housing and Community Development at Maricopa County; and Rob Podlogar, Chief Community Development and Engagement Officer from the Valley of the Sun United Way, who joins us on the main stage for a discussion on action underway to combat senior hunger.

Episode 27 will air on Monday, Febuary 14th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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