April 2, 2020
Federal CARES Act Notification                      
The Federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act was signed into law by President Trump on March 30, 2020. This federal stimulus package provides access to programs that benefit U.S. individuals as well as businesses, hospitals, local and state governments.

Provided directly below is a link to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce PowerPoint presentation that provides details of the Federal CARES Act.

Provided directly below is a link to the Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist , also prepared by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. As part of the CARES Act, small businesses can apply for the Paycheck Protection Program, which makes available 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses who maintain payroll during the Coronavirus emergency. This document provides details of this provision and how to apply.

Thank you for continuing to serve our community of members during this time of extreme need.