December 22, 2017

Budget Limits Framed for FY 2019

The Spending Affordability Committee concluded its work this week, making aggressive recommendations regarding the state's lingering structural deficit...but with a "catch." The Committee adopted a goal of reducing 100% of the remaining structural deficit in the budget year ahead - but followed with language to reserve flexibility based on the still-uncertain effects of federal tax and policy legislation. The Committee also envisioned a somewhat higher level of capital spending than recommended earlier by another group - matching last year's action.

Conduit Street coverage: SpAff Recommendations | Capital Debt Limit


Counties in Action:
Cecil County celebrated 17 years with Joanne Reichart-Young
Queen Anne's County Commissioners DES has a new tool to help save lives
Dorchester County let their residents know how they can request a free smoke alarm

  Corporate Partner  Spotlight: 
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