Assistance Available
Federal Government Employees Who Are Prince George's County Residents
Pastor Weaver and the entire Greater Mt. Nebo are continually praying for nation and specifically everyone who is being impacted by the Federal Government Shutdown. We are believing and trusting God that God will shutdown the shutdown . Please join the entire Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E. Family in praying daily for the shutdown to end!!

We want to continue to provide resources and other information that can help all of us through this difficult situation. If you are not directly impacted, please share this information with others. Please click on the following link for additional support and resources.

Tips To Help Navigate Through This Federal Government Shutdown

  • Make a list of current expenses and prioritize what you can pay
  • Assess and determine what to change (i.e. turn off cable, reduce channels)
  • Contact bank, creditors, and utility companies to explain your circumstances
  • Request a "forbearance" when available. A forbearance will allow you to reduce payments or delay payments for a period of time.
  • Contact state or local government social services to see what programs you may qualify
  • Contact Credit Bureaus and ask that they place a note on your credit file that you are temporarily not receiving income due to the Federal Government Shutdown. Remember to call them when you have returned to work. Click each bureau for contact information Experian, Transunion, Equifax

  • If you must withdraw from a 401K or other retirement plan, seek the advice of a retirement specialist or tax accountant first. A professional will be able to tell you if withdrawing enough to cover 6 months will minimize withdrawal fees and taxes than if you have to go back each month to withdraw additional funds. There are significant penalties and other tax implications that you may incur by withdrawing from a 401K or retirement plan.
  • Keep a log or notes of every creditor you speak with noting names, dates, and the nature of the conversation.

For those who are able, we ask that you increase your sacrificial giving in your offering this week. As a church we will tithe 10% of all offering to go towards the Benevolent fund so that we too can help Greater Mt. Nebo members who may need help during the partial government shut down that has impacted thousands of families.