SDP Client Spotlight: Grocery Outlet
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For this month's client spotlight, we sat down with owner-operators Josh and Britney Harsh of Grocery Outlet #274.
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Top Tip: How To Save With Tax Credits
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Every year, employers claim about  $1 Billion in tax credits. Check out this quick  1-minute case study to learn how one company saved $86,000!
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Southland Data Processing's Payroll &  HR Newsletter
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Federal Payroll  Record-Keeping Laws

No matter how many employees you have on staff, your organization is required to follow all federal laws.  Unfortunately, each state/locality can have its own specific laws governing payroll records; therefore, it is imperative to research what is required by each state where you have employees.  
Federal Laws For Payroll Records
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires an employer to keep certain records for each non-exempt worker.

The Act requires no particular form for the records, but does require the records to include certain information about the employee and data about the hours worked and wages earned. Additionally, the law requires this information to be accurate and stored either on-site or at a secure off-site facility.
What You Need To Include
  • An employee's first name, middle initial, last name, and Social Security Number.
  • Daily or weekly earnings.
  • Hours worked per week.
  • How an employee's wages are paid, e.g. $15.25 per hour, $780 per week, piecework, etc.
  • If applicable, the employee's hourly rate.
  • Overtime pay for the week.
Document Storage Times

The FLSA requires every employer to preserve its payroll records, collective bargaining agreements, sales and purchase records  for at least three years . Records on which wage computations are based should be retained for two years, for example:
  • Piecework documents/tickets.
  • Records of additions to or deductions from wages.
  • Time cards.
  • Wage rate tables.
  • Work and time schedules.

Want to know what else is required of you under the Fair Labor Standards Act? Check out the full article here!


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