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Fingerprint Door Lock; Door Knob with Keypad Keyless Entry Door Lock with Handle for Residents Bedroom Rooms

FEDERAL REQUIREMENT 7 - PRIVACY: Each individual has privacy in his/her sleeping or living unit. Units have entrance doors lockable by the individual, with only appropriate staff having keys to doors as needed.

This item also offers easy access with the self-releasing handle as recommended by the Fire Codes that govern residential care. For Level 4I homes, Residents with health care concerns, chronic AWOL's or other severe to profound deficits in self-help, self-care or behaviors; I would talk to your Consumer Service Coordinator and have the IPP modified if a door lock on the bedroom would prove to be problematic or unsafe.

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The 3-in-1 comes with 3 points of entry allowing the Resident to have the thumb print access, the staff to have the keypad access in the event of an emergency and the Administrator/Licensee holds the physical key.

All options come with four (4) AAA batteries. Should be changed once every 12 months. It has a low battery reminder function and equipped with USB interface for emergency charging.

You will get and instructional video link with your delivery. No need to hire help.

UPGRADE to a 4-in-1 entry option for $5 more!

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The 3-in-1 comess in Black or Silver. Easy to install with video link included in your delivery. Select this option for Silver

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